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‘The Single Feather’ by Ruth F. Hunt

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The Single Feather

Ruth Hunt has just published her first book, ‘The Single Feather’.  When Ruth contacted me regarding doing something on my blog I was really interested.  I love the cover of her book and the way the white feather stands out.

Below are some questions and answers which Ruth sent over to me.

Can you tell me about yourself, your background and how you got into writing?

My name is Ruth F. Hunt and I live in Lancashire.  I was very keen on writing as a child and teenager, and wanted to study Journalism, but at the age of 18 I had an accident and was left with life-changing injuries.

For years after that I didn’t write as time was taken up with work. My disabilities were also getting increasingly difficult to cope with, and I spent a lot of time in and out of hospital.  However, a change in circumstances…

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To re-read or not to re-read

Morgen 'with an e' Bailey

Last Friday’s edition of my e-newspaper featured a tweet from Guardian Books and quoted Harold Bloom‘s incantation “Reread Shakespeare. Reread Shakespeare. I always reread Shakespeare” which got me thinking…

I have re-read some books (my favourite being Kate Atkinson‘s anthology ‘Not the end of the world‘) but I have hundreds (literally) of books that I’ve not read for the first time so wonder whether I will indeed read any books more than once. If I love a book I certainly keep it (if I don’t it goes to my local British Red Cross shop – where I volunteer sorting their donated books) but it may sit there gathering dust.

I must admit I listen to audiobooks more often than I read paperbacks (and even rarer hardbacks and eBooks) because I rarely stay still for long enough. Listening to an audiobook (the latest being the 7-hour Girl With…

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The Formsby Prize for Poetry 2015

The Formsby Prize for Poetry 2015.

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