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Poets and Spoken Word Artists Network Survey interim report

Kate Fox. Mostly a Poet and performer of Poems. Often, not always, funny.

Poetry and Spoken Word Artists Network Fees and Needs Survey March 2015 Short Report

We opened the survey on 4th March 2015. As at 14th March 2015 there have been 229 responses (Now 245 at 26/3 after this report compiled). Kate Fox and Tamar Yoseloff began sharing the survey via their Facebook pages and the set up a week earlier and containing 100 contacts at that point (Now 149). We asked respondents to share with other poets and spoken word artists who do (or want to do) paid work and it has snowballed through networks. The intention of the survey was to get an initial snapshot of poets greatest concerns re fees and also to see what, if any, role they might want a poets network to play in their professional lives.


“Poetry is a job, like any other writing job. We have worth, like any other writer…

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Fiction writing: The Rule of Threes

Into Another World

rule of threeThree is the very persuasive number. By learning the rule of threes you can improve your writing, give better speeches or even improve your comedic timing. (As a writer, I am only going to focus on the writing aspect of the rule of threes.)

What is it about the number three? It all comes down to how we process information. Studies have shown that people remember things best in chunks of three. Also, human have become proficient at recognizing patterns, and three is the smallest number of elements required for a pattern.

Things presented in threes are inherently more interesting, enjoyable and memorable. (See there is that three concept again.)

You may not have realized how many things are presented in this pattern. Check out these examples.

  • body, mind and spirit
  • Holy trinity – Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  • three wise men
  • THREE-MUSKETEERSIn stories – the three little pigs, the…

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