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Guest Post by Karl Drinkwater

I was one of the three who won this book as an ebook. I am about to download it and will review when I have read it.

A Lover of Books

Haunted House

It’s time for another guest post now.  This one by Karl Drinkwater is sure to interest you and there’s also a competition at the end.


We read books to escape. To forget who we are for a while; to live other lives, see other places, experience other emotions. And we’re all different, which is why one person’s perfect crime thriller is another person’s yawnfest. Not everyone likes being scared and tense. Not everyone likes horror. Not everyone should.

Primarily I love a good story, but the ones that yank me in are the ones where the primary value at stake is survival (of the body, of the mind). So horror is a natural fit. When I’m reading a good horror novel I forget about the room I’m in, the cat on my lap, the cars outside – I am struggling to survive against evil forces, the inhuman, the alien…

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