Talking Tales #6 – Stokes Croft, Bristol: Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines…


Talking TalesThe next Talking Tales is soon upon us.

Writers – you’re used to deadlines. Some of you will be deadline junkies, waiting until the last minute to submit your story on the premise that the best will be the last. Whether that’s your style or not, submissions for Talking Tales #6 close at midnight on Friday 12th February. E-mail your story, to be read in 10 minutes, to:

Audience members – friends, family, story telling fans, curious passers by – you’re all welcome. But you have lots to do as well. Don’t forget to rest your smiling muscles, book a babysitter, water the camels, practice applauding and…

…look up the venue:       Left Bank, 128 Cheltenham Road, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS6 5RW

…synchronise watches:  it starts around 7:30pm on Saturday 20th February 2016

…get unfinished lines:    so you can practice finishing them.

Stokes Croft Writers are sleepless with excitement and will see you there.

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