Progress Report

This could be an interesting blog to follow. The problems encountered and the solution or not will give cause for thought and invite suggestions from those who have also suffered from the same and cured them or together find remedies.

Courtney Hines

Every month, I plan to write a Progress Update, detailing the goings-on of my writing life.  They will include some of the struggles, victories, and lessons I’ve learned during that month of writing.  I thought it would be appropriate to start my blog with the very first of these to get you more acquainted with me and where I am in writing.

I am currently in the process of writing my third fiction book.  The first two go together, and I am only waiting until my second book is polished before I plan to begin the publishing process of book 1.  As of right now, I plan to self-publish using Amazon’s CreateSpace.  I am looking forward to riding that rollercoaster with you all, sharing what I learn along the way.

I only recently began my third book.  Last week in fact.  I’ve enjoyed it so far, although it’s been a…

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  1. Thank you for the re-blog! 🙂


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