TGBWO – Timeless Echoes

A good morning. The long awaited postman’s knock heralds the arrival of a fat, white package rather too large to squeeze through the shiny, brass, lipless, gaping mouth otherwise known as a letterbox. Sadly misnamed as it seems to be constantly force-fed copious quantities of leaflets, collection bags and various broadband advertisements. Today is different, the post-person offers into my hands the aforementioned package and I immediately realise it is my order of The Great British Write Off,  for 2016, “Timeless Echoes.” I’m looking forward to reading through the gems within, not least because my name is listed within and my humble effort appears on page 231. There must always be a thrill when you see your name in print no matter how often it may occur. Now I shall just sit and enjoy what my fellow contributors have produced and revel in the glow of success, albeit minor but none the less a very important milestone in my writing dream.dsc00055


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2 responses to “TGBWO – Timeless Echoes

  1. Kelly Treacher

    Hi Bob

    I too, was lucky enough to make it in to this anthology. I was searching for somewhere to purchase another copy (the mother wants one) when I came across your website and wanted to congratulate you on your publication. Keep up the good work.



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