A Very Short Biography of Henry Vaughan

The seventeenth century produced some beautiful work, and it is a pleasure to be introduced to some of the lesser-known exponents of the wordsmith’s art.

Interesting Literature

The interesting life of Henry Vaughan

Henry Vaughan is associated with the seventeenth-century Metaphysical Poets, but his name is not as famous or familiar as, say, Andrew Marvell or John Donne. In this post we offer a very short biography of Henry Vaughan, providing a brief introduction to his life and work – focusing on the most interesting aspects of Vaughan’s life.

Henry Vaughan was, like his great mentor George Herbert, Welsh in origin. Born in Newton-upon-Usk in 1621, Vaughan was one of twins (his brother Thomas became an alchemist and would later die from the effects of mercury poisoning in 1666).

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