Results of Morgen’s 100-word competition: December 2016

This is a fun way to hone your flash-fiction skills.I would recommend anyone to have a go.

MorgEn Bailey - Creative Writing Guru

01 - 100 in veg 669778Hello everyone. This month I received 18 entries from 14 authors, a quiet month this time but you were all busy doing shopping, wrapping, decorating etc. I hope you had a lovely break.

One story was disqualified because it included the title put at the beginning of the story, which didn’t make sense in the context of the story and used up valuable words. It was a shame as it was the only entry from that author, and the first time submitting. Another was disqualified because it was only 99 words, or 100 including the one-word title, and a third because there was a word written as two when it should have been one. Sorry folks but there are comprehensive rules on the 100-word competition page and I did feel guilty at the disqualifications as they were all from new entrants but I have to be fair to everyone, and…

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