Results of Morgen’s 100-word competition: January 2017

Snappy little exercises to keep your creativity flowing and the discipline of sticking to the rules. Why not have a go.

MorgEn Bailey - Creative Writing Guru

Hello everyone. This month I received 20 entries from 13 authors, quieter than normal and I’m not surprised because I gave you the title of the story rather than a theme. Because of this, 10 stories were disqualified for not sticking to the title – unfortunately some by new authors to this competition. 😦 Another was disqualified for only being 96 words which was a shame as it was a really good story, and it had been correctly titled. Sorry to those folks but I have to be fair to everyone to stick to the rules.

The winning stories are ones that I reacted most favourably to. They were clever, surprising, eek-making (in a good way), or gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.

You may have chosen a different order or indeed not placed one or more of them so if you entered and didn’t find your story / stories…

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