Daily Post, daily prompt, lukewarm

Back in my younger days I had the privilege to serve in her Majesty’s Royal Navy. A great life and highly recommended. Reading this prompt reminds me of one all-abiding memory. On one of my ships, whose name I won’t bore you with, it was customary during the middle watch, i.e. between midnight and four o’clock in the morning, for just two people to remain on the bridge. The helmsman, meaning me, and the Officer of the Watch, a Hydrographic Officer in charge of the chart-drawing machine at the rear of the bridge. a Kingplot, if I remember correctly, with a propensity for strange jerky movements at rapid and irregular intervals throughout the night, alongside which he would sit with his feet resting on the machine, not wishing to be disturbed unless anything untoward occurred that I couldn’t deal with, such as a tsunami or Kraken attack, not common but entirely possible. About halfway through the watch I would put the ship onto auto-pilot and proceed down the four decks to the galley, naval kitchen, not Ben Hur cruise ship, to fetch us both a cup of tea, coffee or sometimes cocoa. The process of returning back up the four long flights of stairs and negotiating long, dimly lit passageways from the galley  to the bridge would often take at least twenty minutes and much to everyone’s chagrin but something we were all used to, by the time the originally steaming mugs  arrived at their destination, they were invariably, you guessed it didn’t you, lukewarm.via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

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