Down and Out onto England’s Canals – Guest Post by, Ian Hutson…

I personally live in a sort of mobile home having moved away from a canalside residence but envy those on the waterways. It must be a lovely setting for a writing mind, after all what else could spawn a literary masterpiece of the likes of, “Rosie and Jim”.

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The Cardinal Wolsey at peace with the world

For three months I have been exploring the Llangollen canal (“The Welsh”) on my narrowboat, Cardinal Wolsey. Calling this waterway “The Welsh” is perhaps a tad misleading, since of its forty-five mile length no more than about the last five miles are actually in Wales. It is an out and back again canal, it doesn’t link up with any other navigable waterway, so I have slowly, slowly, slowly mooched my way along, explored thoroughly, then explored it all again in reverse. Well, not actually in reverse; I turned the boat around in the winding hole just after crossing the World Heritage Site Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, so we were going forwards again, just back the way we’d come from. Boat life can be terribly complicated at times, stuffed full of forward and reverse and bows and sterns and tillers and concentric crank thrumbles on…

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