Thursday photo prompt #writephoto Ebb

It was Spring, the time for renewal. In a show of respect to the Old ones, the gathering was beginning.Our tribe was gathered at the water’s edge for today the seas were withdrawn as the lowest ebb tide of the year allowed a glimpse of the old beliefs. We were assembled to pay homage to Ogopogo, an ancient, terrifying sea serpent who lives here off the coast of British Columbia. His hunger can only be satisfied by offerings from the resident North American Indians. At unusually low tides such as experienced here our Elders will go and seek the cavern where he dwells. Of all the caves, usually hidden by the cold waters, they will look for the bones of the unfortunate departed, our ancestors and forebears, arrayed in mystical patterns at the entrance to his lair. Then by centuries old invocation and ritual dance they will hopefully persuade the monster to stay away from the coastal villages, on it’s periodic but regular forays on the land, slaying and devouring the inhabitants in their homes, in their beds. Our prayers and rituals will compel this dread, ancient curse of our people to remain in his watery realm and plunder the denizens of the deep to slake his immense, ravenous, unnatural, unrelenting hunger. Protection has been sustained over the generations and will continue until such time as the monster is either slain or proven to be a superstitious myth as some of our sons and daughters believe.


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2 responses to “Thursday photo prompt #writephoto Ebb

  1. I enjoyed your story. It drew me in. I loved the way it ends. Nicely done. 😀


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