#SoCS 6th. Jan 18



Eco-warrior, eco-friendly, ecologically sound, all terms looked upon favourably when in the headlines but we should remember that not too long ago there was an eco that was causing fear and disgust whenever it made the news.

I am of course referring to E. coli, that dirty little bug that sits happily in your system sniggering and chuckling as you, it’s host, rush backwards and forwards, feverishly loosening the outer garments, to and from the toilet bowl feeling drained and wasted.

Despite losing it’s newsworthy popularity we cannot forget it is still there lurking, ready to leap upon the weary traveller and turn a dream holiday into your worst nightmare, practising how to dance the Aztec two-step.

Never underestimate the power of an oldie.


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Filed under Self compositions, Whimsical

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