InActivity videos of Cardinal Wolsey #narrowboat #england

Watch the videos and relax and just dream of this life almost on the ocean wave

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Two videos, about three minutes each. The grass moves a bit, the water ripples occasionally and, if you watch really closely, the clouds drift by. Cardinal Wolsey at rest. I know that not many of my readers (either of you…) will have six or even just three minutes to spare from the (insane) pace of “modern” “life”, but the videos are here in case you can.

Ignore the timestamp, the video camera fibbeth – this was 02/02/2018 or, if you’re American, 02/02/2018.

I left the microphones running but there was not really a soundtrack to catch. A bird-call in the distance, an aeroplane droning overhead, a cow singing opera somewhere in winter cover or a sheep bleating on about “ooh – grass! my favourite!” so I put you a couple of thrash rock “the heaviest metal” tracks on instead. Pump up the volume (ooh, that dates me)!

Forget Formula One…

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One response to “InActivity videos of Cardinal Wolsey #narrowboat #england

  1. Thank’ee kindly, sir, the reblog is much appreciated. The weather has changed a little since I took the video shots – now freezing outside, back to winter! 🙂


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