#SoCS Feb 17/18


His eyes opened wide in disbelief. Holding the card in his hands he looked again at the brief message with it’s promise of exotic delights to come. In seventeen years of marriage this was the most explicit Valentine’s card she had sent to him. They had both, or so he thought treated the whole Valentine’s day idea as something of a bit of a joke. Something to be left to the younger couples. he waved the card in front of his nose, not even sure if he would recognise a perfume that his wife liked or used. A bit of doubt as to the identity of the sender began to creep into his mind. He would have felt flattered but instead began to feel nervous. After all they hadn’t sent each other cards every year by agreement but if she hadn’t and he placed it on the mantel she may be a bit upset. It would be even worse if she had sent him a card but not this one and he would have no choice but to put them both up, the strangers alongside hers.


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