#MLMM First Line Friday 2-16-18

“I don’t care what you do with it, I just want it gone,” Richard implored, pointing to the dark brown mole on his chin.

“As I explained to you last week, if I cut it out it could leave you with a rather large, ugly scar, that might not help you in your career, now would it?” Doctor Ambrose replied, hoping that his false look of concern would hide his inner smile. He was the last person to have thought himself jealous of the young man’s good looks but he couldn’t help thinking of the way he had ill-treated his daughter those two years ago. “Perhaps bad deeds do come back to haunt you,” he thought.

“That cream you gave me has done nothing, and as the tests have proved negative I just want it gone, I’m fed up with rubbing cream on my face at the photo sessions, it’s not the real me they see,” Richard whined, feeling foolish for sounding so petulant.

“I thought the photos weren’t concentrating on your face so much,” came the sarcastic reply.

“Well, maybe not but please Doctor, I am really desperate for you to get rid of it, it might even make me look a bit like, you know Kirk Douglas or something.”

Doctor Ambrose leaned back in his chair, he hadn’t thought that he might be helping the young man in some way. that went against the grain somewhat, but he knew he had to act correctly. “Ok, I’ll do it but remember you will have to keep the dressing on for at least four days when it’s done. Come back to me afterwrds and you can thank me then for the cosmetic job.”

After the application of a freezing spray to his patient’s chin the small operation only took a couple of minutes and Richard was free to leave with a large dressing taped to his face. “Thank’s Doctor,” he said as he closed the door to the surgery.

Doctor Ambrose watched him go and laughed, “I wonder if he’ll be so happy when he takes that bandage off and has a look in the mirror. Vain bastard.”


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