What About Character Development?

Reflect upon the characters in stories you have read and compare with this advice, it rings true.

Painting With Light

I’ve talked about this a lot. Fiction writers all have the same goal … to transport their readers inside the pages so they feel like they’re walking along as a part of the story.

Memorable characters are an extremely important part of making that happen. In fact, they should drive the story. Mine do it so well they sometimes argue with me.

So how does one develop effective, memorable characters?

Not every character merits equal attention. Of course, when you don’t devote enough time to him you get a one-dimensional character. It may be okay if his role isn’t very significant.

But if it is significant, trust me, that character needs to be fleshed out.

His actions should make sense with his role. To become believable and memorable, he should behave in ways that are consistent with how you’ve developed him.

If a character behaves in a way that doesn’t…

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  1. And while we’re thinking along these lines, let’s not forget that in some stories the environment is a character too; an aspect which gave LOTR an additional appeal. Who doesn’t want to return to Middle Earth? 🙂

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