A pirate’s tale, though not so tall #seashanty #young-at-heart

Pablo the pirate

is home from the sea,

his left leg has a wooden stump

just below the knee,

ask him how he lost it

and he will tell to you,

a crocodile bit it off,

in the land of Umpaloo,

he would have had the other

but for him he was too clever,

he tied it up behind his back

making it difficult to see,

so that big green, nasty, greedy croc,

only got one leg for his tea.





Filed under As you read it, Comic verse, Inspired by fable, Self compositions, Singalong, Whimsical

10 responses to “A pirate’s tale, though not so tall #seashanty #young-at-heart

  1. love it. I shan’t ask how the bleep he could stand with one leg in the croc’s mouth and t’other tied up behind him. Unless he was Jake the Peg.

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  2. Alli Templeton

    Love this, Bobby. Please take it that you’ve had two likes here, as my 15-year-old daughter is mad on pirates, tall ships and the sea, and she loved it too. She wants to be a maritime historian and listens to sea shanties instead of pop music. So thanks for this great little shanty. 🙂

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