#SoCS August 10/19

Egypt (192)I knew I couldn’t contain the look of excitement that must have been obvious on my face. The day had started so well. Leave the hotel at four am. transport to the small river taxi that took myself, my partner and six other tourists across to the West bank of the Nile to catch the minibus to our launch area. The experience of a lifetime, a balloon trip over the Valley of the Kings. While the balloon was inflated we completed our briefings and then, cameras at the ready, all climbed into the gondola ready for launch. We were in the air just as the sun started to rise. it was about thirty minutes into the flight when the pilot began to look worried as we noticed that the  balloon was covering the ground much more rapidly. It was an unusual occurrence but we had been carried up into the sky much higher than usual in a freak desert whirlwind and were now at the mercy of the elements. In broken English our pilot explained that he had no control of us now, he was certain the ground crew would be able to keep following us in their four by four safety vehicles till we were able to land. He was sure we would be safe and there was no need to panic. We were in for a long flight but eventually we should be safely back on the ground, although he was unable to tell us when or where.


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4 responses to “#SoCS August 10/19

  1. Well that wasn’t very comforting of him.

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  2. Love it! I would love a trip like that, in the sky, flooding along, subject to the whims of the wind. As you lived to tell the tale, these things do tend to work out most of the time. 🤗


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