Reflections on the public house

Did you see that show on the telly last night
I’ll have a cider or a lager, all-right.
The discussion and craik can go on and on,
then before you know it, the evening has gone
it’s one of the reasons we go to a pub,
no membership needed for this type of club.
In some may be music, in others none,
some even have pub-games, competitive fun
A pub-quiz one evening, refreshments half-way,
teams from the village, some from farther away.
There’s pool, perhaps skittles, some unusual ones too
nowadays though, you’re more likely to view
a TV in the corner and on each wall you can see,
no chance for conversation with good company.
So if you don’t like football or sports played by teams
you might as well stay home, with a takeout it seems,
comfortable seating and far cheaper beer,
only one thing is missing, the great atmosphere.



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One response to “Reflections on the public house

  1. I’ve never been much of a frequenter of pubs, not to get to know my local. But for a few years I dated a landlady’s brother and found myself dragged behind the bar to help out on several occasions. And I recognise, almost with wistful pleasure, the features you mention… the pub quizzes (yep, I captained two), the food brought out for the pool team, and darts team, and pigeon club, and fishing club and… and I think those days are gone. Cheap supermarket beer, and no smoking rules.


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