Crimson’s Creative Challenge #48

red-bridgeRatty loved to sit on the grassy bank of the winding river.   Relaxing in the warmth of the sun it was hard to stop his little eyes from closing and he could lean back and just lie with his head resting on a grassy hillock. It was not to be for he only came here with one thought in mind. He would stare into the mouth of the tunnel eagerly awaiting the next rush of foam coming out into the light of the day. His nostrils and whiskers would twitch and quiver in anticipation as he heard the iron grill rising and the rush of evil-smelling sewage would come pouring out once more as another mass of rubbish was discharged into the sparkling stream. Every time he would dive into the water and with a merry smile sift through for any delicacies to take home to his little burrow.



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6 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #48

  1. Oh, and I thought we were doing Wind in the Willows. But you earned my laugh… despite this happens to be one of the cleanest streams you’ll find in the UK.


  2. One must do what one must do for the good of his family…

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