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The complete short stories of Roald Dahl, 1944 – 1953

.What the railways did for us, Stuart Hylton. completed.

A comprehensive breakdown of the effect of the coming of the railways in Britain. The upside and the downs. Although the advent of the railway age had a profound effect on the whole population, successfully bringing prosperity to some from all walks of life there were many effects not recognised in our nostalgic view of the transport system that appeared to do more than any other. An even-handed account broken down into sensible sections. Recommended for students of social history it reads more like a textbook than the usual humorous account. The only problem I had with the 212 pages of text before the bibliography and index was the size of font which had it been of the more common size would probably have extended the book to 300 very readable pages.

My rating. 4 stars out of 5.