Literary events, characters, deaths and birthdays of interest on this day in history

April 4th.

1774 sees the death of the English dramatist and poet Oliver Goldsmith, probably best known for his play, “She stoops to conquer.” A comedy frequently studied in English literature and theatre classes.


1843 and William Wordsworth is appointed Poet Laureate


On this day were lost a few of the best, 1553, the bawdy satirical ex-monk Francois Rabelais whose name has lent itself as a descriptive for grossness in humour.

Also in 1882 the death of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English painter and poet, co-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In 1821 a star was born, French poet, Charles Baudelaire, a great influence on many well-known poets.


Lord Byron died in 1824 while fighting to aid the Greeks in their struggle for independence from the Turks.

Also this day in 1989 saw the death of Daphne du Maurier, author of such romantic thrillers as Rebecca and Jamaica Inn.


Charlotte Bronte born on this day in 1816 in the village of Thornton in the West Riding of Yorkshire. With her literary sisters an influential novelist probably best  known for her work, ‘Jane Eyre,’ a masterpiece still discussed and replayed in films to this day.

Mark Twain the American aithor died in  1910.



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