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Strong Penelope

who kept faith to the return

of her brave husband,

and her sense of elation

on their day of reckoning




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#Ten word photo prompt


After many years she discovered that she was colour blind



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MLMM’s #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, December 26th 2018

Back home from the War,

many uncertain if by,

luck or God’s judgment

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Dip Into Something New

Kick start the New year with a new read and what better way than with this box of goodies, I’ll certainly be investigating between the pages.


Slip away for a few hours, into other worlds – away from all the troubles of this one.

Perhaps into the future – a near future – dark and disturbing and yet – so close. There follow the fates of four people worn down and broken – or angry with the system. Who break out of it and try to break it. Who question why they did and falter in their resolve only to be thrown back into the fray to discover the truth within themselves. A tale that questions rebellion and its motivations while railing at the oppression around us. Try it.

Mankind Limited

Or if not the future – the other worlds – supernatural ones – that impinge onto ours from – where? Some other dimension? The afterlife? Our own minds?

Where ever they come from – try these Thirteen Tales of the Ghostly variety.

Thirteen Tales of Ghosts

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From on high we hear

a shower, a melody,

of light, gilded rain,

seldom seen the skylark, who

soars aloft in tuneful voice



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #233 Chaste&Blush

A frail gauze goblet

hides the chaste blush of the rose

sips shared by lovers




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Alphabet haiku #LetterY

Yucky yetis yowl,

yodelling yeomen yoke yaks

yields yellow yoghurt.



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The final journey

Lately departed,

borne on ebony shoulders

solemn eyes, brows creased,

handfuls of damp, scattered earth

start to dance upon the wood

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Sue Vincent’s #Thursday photo prompt: Setting #writephoto

And all those gathered on the Plain of Saarkand breathed a sigh of relief as one.

For as they looked to the East, the first rays of the New Sun arose over the hill that was called The Old Maid’s breast.
The harsh days of the cold season were past until the dark days arrived once more, as ordained by the Spirits of Earth and Sky.

With the rising of the sun the dark shadow of the beast, which the more superstitious among them had perceived as Kerhaan, the Dragon of Darkness, began to fade and crumble into glowing silver clouds. Soon to fall as life-giving rain on the high mountains. The rivers would flow freely once more down to the barren plain.

So would begin the new life phase.

Encouraged by the daily, ever-rising heat of the sun and the watering of the beast’s blood the farmers could once more begin the tilling of the earth and the sowing of the seed.

The Elders would continue to offer the sacrifice to the Ancestors and if they were not displeased once more would they fill the grain stores and feed their flocks.

Life for all would be good again.


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MLMM’s #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, December 19th 2018, Candles


Long  white lava flows

escape the flickering flame

waxy smoke rising


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