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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #32

no-junk-mail-1I knew a girl whose name was Kate

she used to stand by her garden gate,

she would flash her thighs

when the boys passed by

perhaps that’s why she suddenly put on weight

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#SOCS May 25 2019

A sweet little girl called Rosie

whom everyone thought quite dozy

the day of her graduation

drew gasps of admiration

but she and the tutors had been very cosy.




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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27


A silly young girl from Lynton

took a stroll across the meadow for fun

but her shorts were miniscule,

she took off her blouse to keep cool

now she has bites where she’d rather have none




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#SoCS 27th April 2019 #limerick #xp

There was a young teenager from Lee

whose breasts grew exponentially

with each day that passed

she needed new bras

it became rather embarrassing you see.




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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #20


A good looking girl from Tredare

was employed in the signal  box there

while drivers waited at the crossing

they would watch her adjusting her stockings

and if the train was delayed no-one cared.



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