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A pirate’s tale, though not so tall #seashanty #young-at-heart

Pablo the pirate

is home from the sea,

his left leg has a wooden stump

just below the knee,

ask him how he lost it

and he will tell to you,

a crocodile bit it off,

in the land of Umpaloo,

he would have had the other

but for him he was too clever,

he tied it up behind his back

making it difficult to see,

so that big green, nasty, greedy croc,

only got one leg for his tea.




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Ten Word Photo Prompt: Choices

pexels-photopexels photo

“No wonder the tanning session was so cheap,” she thought.


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Funtime with Crimson’s Creative Challenge #35


picture “uphill path” from Crispina Kemp

Sally lived at the top of the hill,

when she walked into town the boys got a thrill,

by design or just by chance

she often forgot her underpants,

every day the menfolk hoped for a breeze

when she went to pick up the groceries,

her mother said Sally this will have to stop

but her dad said she should also forget her top

why say that to her said his despairing wife

because I won’t have a bill for the rest  of my life.





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Friday funny #Limerick

Big-eared David was dating  big-nose Eileen

who was determined to prove she was keen

she said  I love you, I’ll show it,

lean back and I’ll blow it,

and the poor boy said no, that’s obscene




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50 Word Thursdays # 26

C28AA2C9-6871-466D-A695-467185E5DEC7I’m watching you,” he chuckled to the kitten, lying dozing, on the floor.

”Who are you, where are you, show yourself,” came the awakening retort.

”Oh don’t mind me, I’m in your head,” in condescending tone.

”I knew that all along, you know, so be off with you be gone.”

Image by Prawny. From Pixabay

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #32

no-junk-mail-1I knew a girl whose name was Kate

she used to stand by her garden gate,

she would flash her thighs

when the boys passed by

perhaps that’s why she suddenly put on weight

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CCC #31 ~A sea shanty

EDA7AE0A-1278-434F-8A0C-BC13381F6526.jpegOf all the boats that ply the seas,

the dinghy is the one for me

for even if your engine fails

there’s always time to set the sails

but if the wind blows you offshore,

stick in the row locks and man the oars

with a little work eventually

you can still be home in time for tea.


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CCC #30 ~This farming life


On an Exmoor farm worked a boy called Ted

He drove a tractor all shiny and red

Out in the fields he’d work all day

Ploughing the earth and gathering hay

The farmer said now come here my lad

Tis about time a wife you had

I offer to you my daughter Sue

She would be just right for you

I thankee kindly Sir was his reply

But I do bat on the other side.


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A clerihew

Theresa May

has had her day

she will probably be remembered

for causing her party to be dismembered


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Crimson’s creative challenge #29


I looked up at the clock on the windowsill. It was obvious that time was running out. New candles needed.

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