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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #43

two-coats-on-a-gateHanging his set of spare clothing  on the gate, the invisible man leaned back. He braced himself as he let his soaking wet trousers and underclothes fall to the floor. Kicking them to one side he rested while he planned his next move.

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Sex education in perspective. #limerick

A chicken farmer’s daughter from Leeds
when told about the birds and the bees,
realised her hens necks were wrung
and if you angered a bee you got stung,
and thought well, this sex thing’s not for me.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #41

D44456C2-FAF9-45C8-A38E-9413D437500E.jpeg“You may well hang your head, I suppose you’ve been sneaking around again, upstairs and downstairs. I wouldn’t put it past your sort to go poking around in my ladies chamber. Go on admit it, you have haven’t you?”


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt


I will tell you a tale,

it’s not very long,

about Teddy the tinker

who loved to sing songs,

while riding in his cart

as his pony towed them along.

The pony’s name was Ticker

but he had just one thing wrong

with him, though you couldn’t tell

as he trotted in time to his gong.

It wasn’t his heart though his name may suggest

but his very long appendage

which reached to his chest.





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TEN WORD PHOTO PROMPT: Care of houseplants

2D4DD822-8111-4259-AD58-639164FDBD96Gain mindfulness by talking to your plants on their level.

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Crimson’s Creative Post #40

D90992D5-874E-4988-A439-66F5ABFE3059.jpegOne step, two steps, three steps four,

five steps, six steps, there isn’t any more,

we get to the top and have a look around

nothing to see so we go back down

only one thing left to do, this much is plain

as we skip down the steps we’ll sing our song again



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Ten word story #10words Trumpet involuntary

balloonsPhoto by Francesco Ungaro on

Everyone expected this year’s race would be won by vegans.

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Frivolous Friday #Limerick Running for fitness

A young lass from Swansea called Fay

would go jogging on the beach every day

with her natural assets unbound

they would go round and round,

shes lucky they didn’t wear away


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #39

chains-at-staithe.jpgA young canoeist from Staines

couldn’t get out of the water due to the chains

he needed to go the toilet

but peeing in the boat would spoil it

so he rowed away in search of a drain



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Ten word photo prompt -Tattooed

8347B491-743B-4E05-B5E9-25EC53009F1ADespite being untidy he was considered the world’s best tattooist


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