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Thursday photo prompt – Distant #writephoto


Nobody had seen anything like this before. For two days the thermometer had been steadily falling. The temperature in our valley was more the kind found in the frozen wastes of Siberia. The hills, which would normally be green and purple with heather in the Autumn sunshine were now covered with a thick coating of snow. So deep was it that there had been reports  that a steady stream of our local deer had been seen streaming down the lower slopes in long brown lines in their search for food. We drove up to the shores of the loch and instead of a flat sea of ice we were astonished to find that it had almost completely either evaporated or simply vanished into the earth. Only a few marshy pools surrounded the mass of weed that would normally act as food for the fish, visiting Northern geese and our own dabbling ducks. Surveying the area with my binoculars I started to laugh almost uncontrollably. I pointed out the reason for my moment of madness. A long line of what must have been ancient standing stones strectched out in a line across the dry bed. After all these years and sadly for our tourist industry I now had the secret of The Loch Ness Monster.


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Daily post #weekly photo challenge, #Silence


A frost-laden, still, bright morning on the high plateaus  of Exmoor when the silence is almost tangible. A moorsman’s idea of Heaven.

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#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 80 – Nature & Peace

Ponder the nature

of the words of the sages,

and gain inner peace

savouring each measured step

aids the pursuit  of your goal


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Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 67 – Play & Guess #SynonymsOnly

As the lambs frolic

in the brightening Springtime

the old ewe looks on,

while I can only surmise

if they feel the joy they give



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Twittering tale #57 #The tree


Absalom was aghast. Before him stood a magnificent carousel, bright lights, music and screams of excited passengers and onlookers. Seeing the work of the devil he raised his arms and invoked his Lord. Instantly all was petrified. He smiled.

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #184 Press&Touch

It says do not touch

so you know you have to press

that’s human nature

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Rainforest Connection: Using smartphones to save the rainforest

Small ideas that can have large effects, another idea to be applauded

Life & Soul Magazine

Rainforest Connection is helping rangers to protect rainforests from illegal deforestation by turning old smartphones into solar-powered lookouts, which are able to detect the noise of chainsaws and so allowing for intervention  in real time.

Rainforest Connection use technology and big data to enable on-the-ground partners to save the world’s most threatened rainforests and habitats.

Installed in the trees, the RFCx device consists of an old mobile phone equipped with microphones that capture ambient sounds up to 1 km around. A homemade solar panel system, also made from recycled materials, feeds the RFCx despite the shade under the canopy.

When the sound of a chainsaw is detected, the phone sends an alert to a server that sends an email and an SMS to the rangers, who can then get the logging stopped.

Illegal deforestation is a gateway activity to clearing rainforest, one of the primary causes of climate change. According to…

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Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 66: DESTINATION & GUIDE (#SynonymsOnly)

Life is a journey

the path is not always straight

often tortuous

I will surely reach my goal

if my faith is my mentor

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Confessions of a Bibliophile

This all rings so true, as if the writer had borrowed my head and let it do the talking. Magic.

The Write Stuff

I like books. I have a few. Okay, quite a lot of books have found a home with me over the years.

I like books for what’s on the inside, yet I admit to judging books by their covers. A bad cover or title can be hard to get past.

I like real books, the ones that don’t have a lowercase /e/ or /i/ associated with them, ones with pages and ink, books that hold some memories of trees.

I buy books. I buy professional books that inform my teaching. I buy books that are recommended to me by others, or books whose author I know I like, or books that just seem interesting, that maybe leap off the shelf at me. I like to buy in local bookstores, and do. I also buy from online second hand book dealers who probably get some of their inventory from the brick…

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Writing Monthly Flash Fiction – Guest Post by, Jemima Pett…

A little tale thatcould turn into someting big, read and enjoy, as I did.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Here we are, halfway through January already! This year the Ape has encouraged me in my idea of writing monthly Flash Fiction based on one of Danielle English’s illustrations.

Dani is my wonderful cover illustrator, and we’re also related. When I brought out my first book she was just finished her graduate degree in design and illustration, so it sort of came together. She’s now done well over a dozen covers for me, since we revamped the first four in 2015 when I brought new paperbacks out. I think they’re brilliant, but of course, I’m biased!

So, for the first in a series of flash fiction posts—which will connect to each other, although probably not quite a serial—I’m using this illustration, of a small creature dashing through the woods. I chose to set it in Erebor, a fantasy land I thought I invented last year when I used the…

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