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Ronovan writes #160 #Haiku

The guilty party

enjoys breakfast on the day

of execution

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Thursday photo prompt-sails- #writephoto

Motionless I stand

till my limbs dance in the breeze

reflecting the sun

from the offerings they bring

their daily bread I provide


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Writespiration #124 52 Weeks in 52 Words Week 29 The writing on the wall.

Did you see that?


There, when we turned.

No, what, anyway you should be reading the map.

I don’t like maps. Do you have to drive so fast?

I told you, we’re late. Shit! what is that?

Oh God!. Aaaagh!

I’m sorry Jane it just appeared.

Well, it did say, “Landslide ahead!”



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #158 Pink&Shell (2)



uncaring of time

grains of pink sand form the pearl

in the oyster shell


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Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt – #writephoto messenger

The raven

They bow their heads, avert their eyes

as over the fields and houses I fly

my master’s messages I deliver

down below they point and whisper

asking why from his castle high above

he sends a Raven, not a dove






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Ronovan writes #158

Sipping pink champagne

as I whispered sweet nothings

in her shell-like ear

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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge Calm & Wild



The sea appears calm,

wild feeding frenzy below

life and death drama




Mother lies calmly

tolerant of the wild squeals

of her hungry young

I admire her expression,

her eyes closed, she gently snores



Everdon (2).JPG



I reach up to the heavy, wrought-iron latch and and pull down slowly. Resting my shoulder against the dark-timbered door it swings slowly inward. I stumble in and almost fall over the rounded footworn edge of the granite threshold. To my left a wooden settle where I flop, water dripping from my sodden clothing. A feeling of calm pervades after the wild rush of the storm raging outside.

polished brown benches,

tall curving, whitewashed columns

give sanctuary



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Ronovan writes #158 weekly haiku

The blue velvet shell

turns pink in his agony

as the lobster boils


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Ronovan writes 157 #Haiku weekly challenge

her half hidden smile

amused yet enigmatic

leaves viewers irate

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Weekly short

pale as the sunrise

through the mists of Avalon

Arthur’s memory

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