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Ronovan writes #Haiku weekly prompt #429

Carried on the breeze

to pluck notes on the septum

the scent of danger


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #278 Genesis

Jovan’s arm extended and two digits grasped the narrow neck of the flask. The callipers opened allowing it’s release from the super-cooled compartment in which it had nestled for the past seventeen years. Time for the next assignment on their mission. He pulled the flask from it’s cradle and turning, reached over and placed it onto the belt carrying it to the jettison chute where it would be released into the planet’s atmosphere commencing another seeding if found viable for life.

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Film review: The Ants and the Grasshopper

The Earthbound Report

I wrote about The Ants and the Grasshopperlast year as a film to look out for. It’s out today, a heartfelt exploration of the power of stories to make change. As the tagline puts it, “how do you change someone’s mind about the most important thing in the world?”

The film begins in the village of Bwabwa in Malawi, where we meet Anita Chitaya. She’s a farmer and a mother, a neighbour and an activist. We follow her in the fields as she explains her organic growing techniques. We also see her at work in the community, organising workshops and events that break down stereotypes of ‘women’s work’ and get men more involved in running the household – as her own husband Christopher has learned (eventually) to do.

We also see how the village is affected by changing weather patterns, the walk to fetch water, the difficulty of growing…

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #202 #Fatal beauty

I don’t really know a lot about trees

but I feel that I might recognise these leaves

as you stroll through the countryside

just cast your eyes up to the skies

and if you are in a grove of apple trees

you may see in the branches clumps of these

and just in case you still don’t know

it’s a parasite plant we call mistletoe

once sacred to the Druids nowadays this is

the one to stand under if you want to be kissed


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Ronovan writes #Sijo poetry challenge #27 #The balloon chasers in Egypt

As the burning sun illuminates the golden sandstone blocks

The ramshackle convoy speeds along the dusty desert road

Following the gaudy balloons that soar high in cloudless skies

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SoCS 10 Sept. 2022

Many of us know the word and most think they understand what it means but how many of us are aware that, “Psyche,” was both the Greek and Roman Goddess of the soul. Born as a mortal, her beauty was reputed to be the equal of Aphrodite. Eros was enamoured of her and they were only able to be together after she was able to overcome many trials until she was finally granted immortality and her name lives on as an aspect of human quality that may correspond to the personification of the soul or at least a mental manifestation.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #276 #Memories in black and white

I sat down at my desk and thought I know

I’ll tell you something I remembered from a long time ago

so I looked it up on Google to find the exact date

and to my surprise it was nineteen fifty eight

when the invisible man had always made us stare

by removing his bandage it seemed there was nothing there


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #200 #Consequences

Did the person who dropped the bottle know

there would be so many ripples slowly

spreading outwards from the first impact

following no predetermined track

each circle follows in the leader’s wake

till calm falls once more upon the lake


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#1linerWeds #Alert creature

Egyptian goose, may be seen amongst larger flocks of wild geese

Heads held low over the grass, the wild geese feed furiously before the salt marsh grasses are flooded by the tide once more, all except the nominated sentinel, who stands alone, head held high, ready to sound the alarm at any sign of danger.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #275 #Father knows best

Daedalus and Icarus while escaping flew up to the skies

for an avian adventure and of course it was no surprise

Icarus ignored his father thus causing his demise

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