Samscribbles weekend writing prompt, “Bold favours the brave.”

The girl sitting in the window was curvaceous
but the price she required seemed audacious
I could imagine her act would be vivacious
my ideas for the evening quite salacious
and to haggle I would need to be tenacious
although her profession would make her rapacious
if I were lucky she might turn out to be gracious
surprised that I would try to be so boldacious
that my efforts would prove efficacious


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Ronovan writes #Decima weekly challenge #39 A tale of our times

I noticed how in stark contrast

to all I thought I ever knew

about the proper thing to do

when one finds they will soon be asked

to pin their colours to the mast

and openly declare intent

to stand up for the government

in firm belief our lives may change

after they introduce the range

of vaccines for our safety meant

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Crispina’s Creative Challenge #113

The tower stands in dark of night

guiding the sailor by its light

and when the shroud of fog comes down

ears are strained to the mournful sound

of the deep-throated siren’s blast

ensuring vessels may safely pass

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Ronovan writes #Haiku weekly challenge #339

A scientist’s child,

shocked, we watch their virus grow

world in harmony

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Ronovan writes #Decima #Poetry challenge #38 The boxer’s tale

A story I just need to tell

may be of interest to you

or not, no matter, just we two

will know the tale of how I fell

into the realm of personal hell.

It started on that fateful night

when I received my first invite

to make a large amount of cash

so I thought I’d have a bash

I only had to win the fight.

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Ronovan writes weekly #Haiku challenge #338 #Trade-winds

She is homeward bound
canvas cracks, the lanterns sway
lines strain in the sheave

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Ronovan writes #Decima poetry challenge #37 The chapel on the hill (Brentor)

For Dartmoor they had forecast snow

But there was one place I should see

That was of interest to me

I made my mind up we should go

Might not be able tomorrow

So then we loaded up the car

No local buses went that far

I’d never visited before

The famous church on old Brentor

Through the ages a shining star


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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #337

Locked doors should open
for those who would seek solace
in these troubled times


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #188 Languid

Adopting my favourite languid pose

I casually glanced across the floor

All eyes fixed upon the door

as though waiting for it to close

The air was charged, tensions high,

no one breathed or even dared

to move, whilst a host of people stared

in awe at the now departing pair

so jealous of their regal air

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Crispina’s Creative Challenge #110

As I took a stroll down Lambeth way

I looked up and to my surprise

I thought,”Well, he is having a bad day,

that poor elf has been crucified.”

So when I asked if he was okay

He said,”I’m glad my wrists are tied,

They hung me up here for a reason

but they seem to have the wrong season.”


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