#Sunday Photo Fiction – December 16, 2018


Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

Looking down from our seats in the helicopter it was obvious. Our suspicions were confirmed.

Notwithstanding the difficulty these people must have experienced in transporting  themselves, their families and all  the materials necessary, to this remote volcanic island.  A small piece of land which would not ordinarily merit inclusion on most maps of the world. Somehow they had bypassed all the planning regulations so carefully monitored and enforced by the government.

Instead of the the small group of tents and temporary camp the wild-life film crew had assured them would be all that was necessary,  they had managed to build a virtual community.  They had built everything,  houses, a school, shopping mall and all the other needs of a small town.

The planning officer would not be very happy when I returned with the film footage.


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #232 Foot&Mouth


With an open mouth,

you may put your foot in it,

size doesn’t matter


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orangutanThe tropical sun

beams down on the arid earth,

palm trees stand in lines,

joyful songs of the forest

become the drumbeat of tears.


(photo from pixabay)


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#Tenword photo prompt


Sting looked down, great idea for a song, “he thought.”

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#Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille and MLMM, December 12th 2018 … Angels


In radiant guise

are messengers of the Lord.

Names taken in vain.




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Call for submissions: SPOTLIGHT BOOKS

An obviously great opportunity


Small books, big ideas– we’re looking for a few good writers.

Inventive.  Hidden.  Compelling.  Unrecognised.  Challenging.  Unheard. Beautiful.  Ambitious.

Creative Future, Myriad Editions and New Writing South seek the best unpublished English short fiction writers from under-represented backgrounds—those who face barriers due to mental health, disability, identity or social circumstance.

We’re looking for manuscripts of 8-10,000 words–no more, no less.  We’re happy with one long story or a selection of several.  

Six writers (three fiction writers and three poets) will be selected, supported to polish their manuscripts and further their careers, and be published in individual short books with international distribution.

For more info and how to enter, please click here 

Deadline: 24 February 2019

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Call for Submissions: Tales From The Forest

A great way to make your mark



Tales From The Forest is a quarterly online magazine full of art and poetry and fiction, and we’re delighted to announce the theme for our 10th issue.

It’s X.

What’s the literary term for “free-for-all”? That’s the theme of our next issue. X for 10. Write whatever you want.

* * *

Fiction: no more than 1,000 words. Submit one piece only. 
Art: any medium. Submit one piece only. 
Poetry: any length. You guessed it: Submit one piece only.

Deadline: Sunday February 17th.

Please send your submission to talesfromtheforest.mag@gmail.com with a short bio.

* * *

We are open to work that has been printed elsewhere.

We maintain the right to publish and archive your work.

All other rights remain with the author or artist.

* * *

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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie #Photo Challenge #242

can choir

This was the hardest job I had ever undertaken since giving up my day job to become a stand-up comedian.

When I got a call from the BBC I thought my luck was in, my fortune made.

I soon changed my mind when they explained that I would be the warm-up guy entertaining the audience so that they could record the canned laughter for the radio shows.



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On our first attempt

to justify existence

he was not convinced.

The creator of all  things

chose to  become destroyer.




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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #231 Goal&Cup


My ultimate goal

is to taste but not drain the

cup of happiness


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