Ronovan writes Haiku prompt #376

Just fine and dandy

when the lion takes siesta

thinks the antelope

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6WSP #91 18 Sep 2021

Promised love was but a trick

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #227 Memories

In the sunset glow, both world and waters calm

we strolled along the seafront arm in arm

to right and left lounged rusting hulls

overhead drifted screaming gulls

and before us in uncanny silence

from the sands arose two twisted pylons

where one night a raging conflagration

had produced this scene of devastation

not just some ramshackle dwelling

but home to a story that merits telling

where once had been music and lights

Mods and Rockers clashed in vicious fights

a fun palace that gave so many families cheer

the splendour that used to be Southgate pier.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #149

Moved and powered by the unseen breeze

we have all watched the growth of these plastic trees

their service to humanity I have no doubt

as they quietly wave their arms about

but the burning question we all can see

should they be planted on land or in sea

some think the former is a blight

while others think them a wonderful sight

whilst those who enjoy a coastal scene

tend to think of them as quite obscene

but all can agree their purpose is sound

to keep oil and coal safely in the ground.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #226 #The skylark

A combine does it’s plotted round

leaves no waste upon the ground

to maintain our world of plenty

whilst my crop remains empty

no butterfly, aphid or bee

to feed my hungry family

I remember horses in the yard

their days were long, often hard

cutting the corn at stately pace

to feed the growing human race

now I fear those halcyon days

will be lost forever in the haze

of time, imprinted on our memory

just a sad but too familiar story

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Though silent, ancient oaks speak volumes

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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt #74 #Party faux-pas

Susan was throwing a party

hoping all her friends could be there

with lots of food and booze to spare

some of her friends could be tarty

which would make the fun more hearty

but one mistake made her say oops

when up from the barracks some troops

arrived while the drink was flowing

and insults they started throwing

upsetting all the other groups

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #148

with pennants flying proudly

see how tall they stand

not quite in the water

nor fully on the land

standing straight-backed in the sun

like a regimental band.

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Ronovan writes Haiku poetry #374

In the dark, cold night

we witness the Northern lights

with eyes of a child

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #225

In many houses throughout this land

whether they may be poor or grand

is practised with each new day a ritual

that would now be seen as habitual

as while you are sitting quite alone

you could just as easily grab the phone

yet over breakfast in the morning

or often as the day is dawning

sometimes even while still in bed

the daily newspaper will be read

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