Spotlight on the Heavens


the lofty, granite spires rise

atop piety,

remaining just a shadow

of the splendour that awaits.



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Colleen’s 2019 WeeklyTanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 131 SynonymsOnly Beginning & Consume.



On the horizon

thick dark clouds start to gather

over the pinewoods

fire that swallows the forest

helping regrowth and rebirth


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BeaconFlash Year 2 Finalists

Congratulations to al the chosen finalists, some interesting reading to be found I’m sure.


And the list of the thirty-two final titles are…

  • A Child’s Scent (October 2018 – theme: trick and treat)
  • A Father’s Gift (December 2018 – theme: an alternative Christmas / not feeling festive)
  • A Picture of Innocence (September 2018 – theme: not what it seemed)
  • A Public/Private Enterprise (April 2019 – theme: the committee)
  • A Special Christmas Gift (December 2018 – theme: an alternative Christmas / not feeling festive)
  • A Windy Day (October 2018 – theme: trick and treat)
  • An Open and Shut Case (March 2019 – theme: main character is an inanimate object)
  • Blood Stained (March 2019 – theme: main character is an inanimate object)
  • Chasing the First (August 2018 – theme: the first time)
  • Christmas night (December 2018 – theme: an alternative Christmas / not feeling festive)
  • Coming of Age (August 2018 – theme: the first time)
  • Cupboard Love (August 2018 – theme: the first time)
  • Feeling Like…

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CCC #31 ~A sea shanty

EDA7AE0A-1278-434F-8A0C-BC13381F6526.jpegOf all the boats that ply the seas,

the dinghy is the one for me

for even if your engine fails

there’s always time to set the sails

but if the wind blows you offshore,

stick in the row locks and man the oars

with a little work eventually

you can still be home in time for tea.


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I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #23



Fertile Earth mother

mankind nourished in my womb

through the sands of time




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50 wordThursdays #23 #Homage to danger

896F8974-2E17-496F-A5B3-13980C53551FBefore me, my destiny. Ahead, the  colonnade, bestrewn with offerings of the lucky few. I stood, decorated crystal vase in hand. Within, a host of freesias and orchids, their delicate hues and subtle fragrance assailed my eyes and ears. To my left stood former suitors to the Demi-goddess within. Medusa.

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, June 5th 2019, rainbow

The grail quest anew

posing as the pot of gold

in search eternal


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An ironic tale with more than a hint of sadness

Sadly, my mother passed away two weeks ago. As you can imagine there is always a lot to do at this painful time. I am currently seated in her electrical recline and lift chair making all the necessary arrangements. She was confined to this room and two others for two years prior to her demise. Her main regret was not being able to watch the birds on the feeders as she was able in her previous garden. Due to her inability to stand she was unable to see the birds frequenting this small garden from this seat. Looking up, I glanced out of the window as I had noticed a stirring of the abundant foliage of the honeysuckle bush beside the window.  Then the dark brown head of a hen blackbird emerged. Within two minutes a cockbird flew into the bush, passing in full view of the window. Had my mother been alive she would have reported the sightings to me during our next telephone chat. In all this time this is the first time a bird of any species has chosen to nest in the bush. She would have been able to follow the progress of the raising of a family from the comfort of her chair.  But sadly this is not to be. Is this irony, I for one cannot say but it underlines the sadness that invariably accompanies death whether a curse or a blessing.

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CCC #30 ~This farming life


On an Exmoor farm worked a boy called Ted

He drove a tractor all shiny and red

Out in the fields he’d work all day

Ploughing the earth and gathering hay

The farmer said now come here my lad

Tis about time a wife you had

I offer to you my daughter Sue

She would be just right for you

I thankee kindly Sir was his reply

But I do bat on the other side.


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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #16

I awoke with a start. Disappointed I found myself in my cramped bed-chamber but I was intoxicated with joy for I had dreamed of an encounter with the Gods. Voices from on high had echoed in my head. Inviting me to join with them in their magnificent palace in the skies. Zeus himself had called my name. He had sent a magnificent swan to stand beside my bower. I climbed upon the beautiful bird’s broad, silk-soft back and was carried up into the heavens. Faster than the wind we flew till we reached a golden castle adorned with towers and minarets. Oh, so gently the swan landed in a magnificent garden where fountains played and I was greeted by a group of hand-maidens who, laughing at my shy confusion, ushered me into a scented room. Along one wall was a carved ebony bench on which a smiling cherub sat, in his hands a lyre from which he teased a tune of infinite harmony. In the centre of the floor was a steaming pool of water on which floated many brightly coloured lotus blossoms. I was invited to bathe and afterwards. emerging from the pool was anointed with sweet perfumes. They wrapped me in silken robes and I was gently ushered into a room with white marble walls. Each covered in damask tapestries of intricate design. Dazzled by the opulence of my surroundings I was urged to recline upon an amber couch furnished with cushions of infinite softness. My feathery steed stood sentinel and held his wings above me as a canopy. I laid my head upon the pillow and immediately fell into a deep slumber. That is all I, Leda, remember of my encounter with the Gods, be it fantasy or frolic.


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