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I.L. Wolf #Ten Word Photo Prompt: Sepia


Mistakenly they sought protection in the shadow of the totem.



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Your heart torn by emotion

trying to ignore

the bowls thrust out forlornly

expecting to get nothing




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Sue Vincent’s weekly #Writephoto

shadow-wings (1)

Upon a branch a squirrel sat,
when far below he spied a cat
aha he said you can’t catch me
i know you cannot fly you see
but the foolish squirrel didn’t know
while teasing pussy far below,
an owl was hovering overhead,
heard the taunting words he said.
Thinking here’s a tasty snack
he swooped and gripped the squirrel’s back
with beating wings and talons full

that’s the last we’ll see of poor squirrel,





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Ronovan Writes Weekly #Haiku: 207 25th June


The mind of a child

will know no concept of safe

guidance essential



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Weekend writing #60 #Weave

Challenging  Gods in all their glory

Remember poor Arachne’s story

compelled to weave eternally

threads on the loom of humanity

as a consequence of her vanity


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MlMM’s #First Line Friday 22 June

The strangers with her on the rooftop paused in unison. They seemed confused, unsure what to do next. They had got her this far and so far no hint of what their intentions for her were.

Her mind raced. Looking about her wildly she couldn’t, in fact refused to believe that twenty  minutes  ago she had been walking through the cobbled streets of the finely preserved National Trust show village.

There had been no sign that there was some form of medieval pageant but  she had found herself grabbed bu a pair  of swarthy, dark-skinned men in what looked  like authentic peasant’s smocks. If the dirt was anything to go by.

Despite her protests the two men had grabbed her and speaking in a strange accent, at least it sounded like an accent but the words weren’t even recognisable, had put a rope round her waist and started to lead her towards the public house she had just passed, “The vine.”

It had seemed empty before but now she found it to be full of the costumed townsfolk. Baleful eyes were cast in her direction as she was roughly dragged through the door.

Still unable to make her captors understand what she was saying and in total confusion, tears started to form; they pulled her through an archway at the side of the old wooden bar.  Despite her situation she found herself marvelling  at  the authenticity of the bar. It really was like stepping back in time as she noted the two large oak barrels standing on the dark brown, knotted, roughly sawn plank that doubled as a bar counter. Behind which there were a range of earthenware pots with unknown contents. There wasn’t even a price list. Then they started to ascend a granite staircase between two rough whitewashed walls.

The people had formed a procession behind them, there were giggles and shrieks of laughter but it was more at her than with her and there was no humour  in their loud clamour. From the dark staircase they  burst out into the light  and she saw that they were on a wooden balcony that overlooked the  street at least two storeys below. A rough shaped beam was crudely attached to the handrail and looking up she saw the rope that hung from it over the edge. It was knotted at the bottom with a noose.

Only then did she start to scream.


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G haiku


With a lazy twitch

thin lace gently taps the glass

cooling Summer breeze

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bathed in despair,

our hopes and wishes arid,

whilst traversing

the desert of ignorance

in the search for forgiveness

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Ronovan writes #weekly poetry challenge #206 #Haiku


Nose twitching in bliss

watch the butcher slicing brawn

a treat for teatime

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Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto #tanka Sky swimming



Swollen scarlet shoals

swim in the pale blue waters

framed for an instant

the golden halo stretches

out it’s hands to cradle them

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