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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #135

Me and my mate Horace

were strolling through the forest

when he saw these two up ahead

he turned to me with a smile and said

that horses ass reminds me of my wife Doris

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Ronovan writes Haiku poetry challenge #361

The vole makes a home

in soft banks where willows weep

a place of refuge

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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt, challenge #60 #”The Man in the Iron Mask”

Concerned I may be thought a freak

the blacksmith set about the task

of constructing an iron mask

thus covering my deformed cheek

so that people would not just shriek

as my cruel mother had done

when she first saw her new born son

when the tearful midwife held me

up so my cold parents could see

their own tainted figure of fun.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #134

Home comes the sailor, home from the sea,

he stands on the foc’sle and what does he see

a crowd of happy faces standing on the quay

he thinks my wife’s among them waiting there for me

but he’s not too surprised for this is not to be

she’s run away with Jim who lived at number three.

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