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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #215

Our ancient ancestors tried to show us how they think

simply by using the tools they had as their pen and ink.



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Ronovan writes #Haiku prompt #363

Does a sparrow chirp

finding no desire to sing

by convention pressed

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #214 Anonymous

Beneath this stone in sacred ground

is buried a man of great renown

but were the words not on the stone

his deeds would be to us unknown

nor details of his valiant life

and how spent with loving wife

all seven sons and daughters three

they were a well renowned family

their names engraved at different stages

as their lives ended across the ages

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #136 #Hope springs eternal

Lying prostrate upon the grass

up above looms a soft-edged mass

brings with it a threat of showers

staring down her grey face glowers

then all at once to my surprise

appears a bright mistimed sunrise

bringing anew a hope it may

drive all the sombre clouds away

and if I’m lucky it just might

change their colour from grey to white.

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Ronovan writes #362

The weighted drag net

makes the seabed desert dust

Ocean’s Silent Spring

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Samiscribbles weekend writing prompt #213

And so I am released from my Solar tethers. From this point the world is my oyster although in this case it should read either worlds or eventually galaxy. For I am Voyager two, a small but very significant part of mankind’s plan for an answer to the second most fundamental question. For forty-five years I have been exploring and reporting on the furthest reaches of our close solar system but now I am finally released from programmed paths and orbits. My debt is paid and my solo quest begins. Wish me luck.

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #61 Reflecting upon the loss of a character.

Today we all are wearing black

sporadic laughter, shoulders shake

no sombre silence shades the wake

as all reflect upon old Jack

now at the end of life’s long track

sad member of the widowed club

chose as his second wife the pub

so I think we should raise a toast

to one who did so more than most

and in the act was prone to blub.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #135

Me and my mate Horace

were strolling through the forest

when he saw these two up ahead

he turned to me with a smile and said

that horses ass reminds me of my wife Doris


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Ronovan writes Haiku poetry challenge #361

The vole makes a home

in soft banks where willows weep

a place of refuge

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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt, challenge #60 #”The Man in the Iron Mask”

Concerned I may be thought a freak

the blacksmith set about the task

of constructing an iron mask

thus covering my deformed cheek

so that people would not just shriek

as my cruel mother had done

when she first saw her new born son

when the tearful midwife held me

up so my cold parents could see

their own tainted figure of fun.

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