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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #237 Answer&Question


History tells us

a question with no answer

is yet to be found.

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Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto


Princess Murano

her face framed in furnace fire

slowly raised her eyes

memories of fragrant blooms

fragile, fading, as of glass


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Books Are For Everyone | Save Our Libraries

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the party or put another way, “Do it!”

Melissa Holden, Writer

Here in the UK, there has been a lot of talk of libraries closing all over the country. The party line is because they aren’t used much anymore, but I call bullshit on that one.

When I was little, my favourite part of the week was Saturday morning. Every Saturday, my mother would walk me down to the town library and let me pick as many books as I could carry. I was not unlike to Roald Dahl’s Matilda. I couldn’t get enough of what those wonderful words had to teach me.


As a writer, I am clearly biased when it comes to books. I have spent my life in awe of, crying at, laughing with, and sometimes even screaming at the pages of, books. Books are not just pieces of paper covered in the ink symbols we call the written word, but they are the door to limitless possibilities. 

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In Other Words, dancing…


There was a young lady from Lancing

who on her wedding night could not stop dancing

if she had gone up to her room

to look for the groom

she’d have found him with the bridesmaids romancing





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MLMM’s #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 16th 2019, first day of spring

Entombed in cold earth

dormant daggers are unsheathed

then thrust to the sun.


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p-challenge-header (1)


Alone in her room

she dons mascara and rouge

hoping  to allure.

What secrets may be hidden

underneath the  painted smile.



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Once more #RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #236 Sage&Vine


The sage may find truth

if not in himself, then through

the fruit of the vine


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Invitation to write from Willow poetry #poetry #whatdoyousee


As with a child’s eyes, I see

a wondrous world

arrayed for me,

each shelf book-lined,

offering such fantasy,

or half-truths imagined

to answer life’s mystery.




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Fictive Dream Call for Submissions

A great way to gain a wider audience


Fictive Dream is open to submissions and, as always, we’re interested in short stories with a contemporary feel (500 – 2,500 words). We especially like stories that give an insight into the human condition; stories that focus on those moments that change people’s lives. They may be on any subject. They may be challenging, dramatic, playful, exhilarating or cryptic. Above all, they must be well-crafted and compelling.

Check out the Fictive Dream website here.

Look at our submission guidelines here.

We’re looking forward to receiving your best work!

Laura Black

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Another Sue Vincent’s #Thursday photo prompt: Man of Honour #writephoto #Villanelle


I had never been to St. julians in Bardington. It was a red sandstone parish church with what appeared to be a tower which may have dated from Norman times. I entered the church and was immediately struck by the light streaming through the stained glass windows on all sides. Beside the nave there was a set of black railings with gold fluting. Behind which a large marble tomb stood in it’s own chapel. A freshly picked rose, it’s red in sharp contrast to the white stone, was placed on the finely carved chest. A piece of paper rested on the stone. Intrigued, I passed through the bars to get a closer look. I picked up the paper and read the words finely written in black. There was no clue who had left the words so carefully laid out. They read;

My duty to protect this knight

all worldly woes no more to bear

reclining in his endless night.

A man of honour in God’s sight

with faithful friends and wife so fair,

my duty to protect this knight.

Death hides his fearful face in flight

for shame at causing such despair,

reclining in his endless night.

A bloom of beauty clasping tight

beneath his gentle marble stare,

my duty to protect this knight,

whose life was spent in God’s good fight

both piety and courage rare,

reclining in his endless night.

We pray he sits in heaven bright

his soul released from earthly care

my duty to protect this knight

reclining in his endless night.


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