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Sue Vincent’s #Thursday photo prompt: #writephoto, parting of the ways


Somehow we both knew

that this was where we should part,

go separate ways,

going round the obstacles

in the stony stream of life



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was it just by chance

or maybe some grand design

we may never know

but when the earth gained it’s tilt

it harmonised the seasons


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Glimpse of nature


Through the sunlit glass,

two flower clocks floated by

hand in hand, rolling,

just content to be carried

on the gentle, Autumn breeze.

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Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #220 – He & She


He looked in her eyes,

she dropped her gaze to the floor,

the question answered.


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Farewell to romance, #Tanka

In the waiting  room

you took my cold hand in yours

warming and soothing

and I remember the words

that dealt the blow to my heart



the emptiness that remains

will remain an open wound



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P haiku

magpie taps baton,

the robin takes up his flute,

soundtrack to the dawn

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Sue Vincent’s #Thursday photo prompt: Pillars #writephoto, Pyroplastic surge


It was frustrating. For two days we had been sitting down in the hot, humid cellar. Our wine was warm, our food was cold. At least we could breathe down here, unlike in the street above. The choking fumes clogged our nostrils, the tiny wind-blown cinders got into our throats. Everyone was coughing and the stench was unbearable.

From what they said it seemed to be getting worse outside. Last night only a few of us had come down but today more and more people started arriving. Most had not brought anything down with them in their panic. They were just concerned with getting away from the ash cloud that sat like a dragon atop the hill. The very ground had started to groan and shudder as if all the denizens of the underworld were on the move.

My father had told us that we need not worry as this had happened many times before.He stayed in the villa thinking that it would soon pass but the Gods appeared to be really angry this time. No-one was sure how to placate them. Even the priests from the temple had decided to join us.

As the daylight, what there was of it, due to the sun having been smothered by the dark cloud, began to fade for the second day we heard a strange noise. It was like a low moaning and it seemed to be getting louder.

I shouted for everyone to be quiet and as our babble subsided we realised that the sound was coming from a great wind that was flowing through the passageways. Some of the women started to wail and before long both men and women started to sob as we realised something terrible was about to happen. Strangely there was no panic and I could hear my companions starting incantations. Before long even the chanting ceased.

Wrapping my cloak around my shoulders \I took my wife and daughter in my arms. We huddled against the wall and the stifling air grew steadily hotter. I can write no more. I will sleep and hopefully return to my beloved Pompeii home in the morning.



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O haiku

Brown, leaf-laden air

wild geese calling in the night

Autumn, time of change

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#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 114 – Emotions & Healing

Aroused emotions

yield to the healing powers

of quartz and crystal

with just one touch of the stone

regain peace and harmony


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #219


There was no reason

for the charge brought against him.

Pardon came too late.



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