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Crimson’s creative challenge #16 -Weekend trip


Joe and Julie were sitting in the hotel room they had booked to spice up their rather tired marriage. Before returning for  their dinner they agreed to get dressed and take a slow walk along the promenade despite the drizzle that was falling.

Outside the  hotel was a long flight of steps which led down to the seafront.

Julie asked him what he was wearing in the evening, and with a wink said that she would be trying her new high heels and stockings. “My brown hand-stitched brogues with the leather soles,” he replied. Meanwhile he opened their suitcase and started unpacking. He thought about the wet steps, her high heeled shoes and the chances of an accident. He smiled.

Julie, went into the shower, thinking about the steps, his shiny soled brogues, and how easy it would be for him to have a nasty accident. She smiled.


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Twittering Tales #125 – 26 February 2019 #cuckold


Every picture tells a story, each crumpled sheet,  the telltale crease imprinted on each dishevelled pillow, this shrine to another night of brazen, shameless infidelity.


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MLMM’s Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 27 2019 Morning Glory


Veined, mauve trumpets sound

a clarion call to bees.

Life in harmony.


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IWH Haiku Challenge #8


The sentinels stand

unseen in our ream, they wait

sharpened lances crossed


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At nine o’clock Joshua stirred. Feeling apprehensive about the coming battle he walked out to take one more look at the recalcitrant city. His army, having been camped in their siege positions outside the walls were becoming restless and many were now unsure if they were strong enough to defeat their mighty foe.

He was the only one with true faith and so far they had been unquestioning of his power but he suspected that his officers and men were becoming bored with the inactivity. He stood lonely, leaning upon his staff, gazing silently at the towering walls. The mighty walls of Jericho whose stalwart defenders  had so far resisted any efforts to induce them out from the safety of their fortress, secure in the knowledge that the walls had never before been breached.

Lights glowed at every window and he imagined the citizens, although nervous, going about their business unperturbed by the shadowy danger that lurked in the night. They felt sure of their ability to withstand any length of siege and would not risk leaving the city to join in battle with the enemy.

Joshua turned and slowly walked back to his tent. With a half-smile he decided to sacrifice and pray to his one God. He knew that the answer would come to him before daybreak.




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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #242 Scream&Feather


Hear a peacock scream

upon losing a feather,

mourning lost beauty



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In Springtime

This perfectly describes my attitude to love poetry, enjoy

K Morris - Poet

In springtime
Lovers lose themselves amongst wild roses,
While the poet composes
A rhyme
About lovers who, in springtime
Lose themselves amongst roses wild

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Weekend writing prompt #94 #Indistinct


Circe raised the cloth covering the sphere, there, though indistinct, he saw the screaming face of his wife.



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What About Character Development?

Reflect upon the characters in stories you have read and compare with this advice, it rings true.

Painting With Light

I’ve talked about this a lot. Fiction writers all have the same goal … to transport their readers inside the pages so they feel like they’re walking along as a part of the story.

Memorable characters are an extremely important part of making that happen. In fact, they should drive the story. Mine do it so well they sometimes argue with me.

So how does one develop effective, memorable characters?

Not every character merits equal attention. Of course, when you don’t devote enough time to him you get a one-dimensional character. It may be okay if his role isn’t very significant.

But if it is significant, trust me, that character needs to be fleshed out.

His actions should make sense with his role. To become believable and memorable, he should behave in ways that are consistent with how you’ve developed him.

If a character behaves in a way that doesn’t…

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The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores

Places for book lovers to visit before they die, keep plenty of room in your luggage


While the e-bookis slowly becoming the preferred medium when it comes to reading, some people still enjoy browsing for books in stores. Maybe because it’s nostalgic, maybe it’s because you never know what you might find. A room filled with books has a certain undeniable charm.

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