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Samiscribbles weekend writing prompt #224 “Great names in English history,”

Throughout the land I will be known

as the protector of the English crown

Five kings of England served by me,

there were Richard, John and three Henrys

keeping them safe was my game

William Marshal was my name



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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #146 #No place like home

I feel that I really should applaud her

for keeping my bed in such disorder

for if I just wanted to relax

she would have provided paperbacks

but instead I sit here on this ledge

and my bum feels every sharp, hard edge.

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Call for submissions…Photo Prompt – Butterfly

Originally posted on Whispers and Echoes: Whispers and Echoes is currently open to submissions of short poetry and flash fiction inspired by the …

Call for submissions…Photo Prompt – Butterfly

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Ronovan writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #372

Just one sign of life

answers an age old question

yet gains us nothing

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #144 “Red in tooth and claw.”

When deep in the jungle something stirred

I looked around to see what I’d heard

in front of me in the long grass

was a huge tiger licking it’s paws

though for alarm there was no cause

you’ve never seen me run so fast

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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge

When apple blossom

is a riot of colour

Spring scent fills the air

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Ronovan writes #Decima poetry challenge #69

Let your imagination leap

and picture me as I mumble

Sir I am ever so humble

seen as the archetypal creep

I am of course Uriah Heep

Of all the books that you have read

this man will stick within your head

but if we look inside his mind

we gain insight into mankind

no better trait needs to be said.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #221 “Olympic successes.”

Like many people in Britain I fear

who’ve all been waiting over a year

to see people on the other side of the world

who ran and jumped and bounced and twirled

but quite a few of us in the main

have watched the rowers as they strain

but have any of us ever thought

if they get sore sitting on those thwarts


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #143

Whilst on a trip down to the Weald

I went for a walk through the fields

The air smelt fresh, I soon saw why

On the hill was a huge pig sty

I have no qualms about pig-shit

Just glad I didn’t walk through it

Then a story came to my mind

The tale of the Gadarene swine

And the farmers in this region

Wouldn’t like it if I were Legion

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Ronovan writes #Haiku poetry challenge #369

Announced by a screech

next the scratch at the window

let bloodlust begin

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