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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #212 #Creatures of the night

Beneath bronzed bracken fronds are formed

tracks left by frenzied creatures as

the rising sun proclaims the morn

the time for foraging now is passed

beneath drooping eyelids, bellies full

warm, grass-lined burrows gently call

for now their long night’s work is done

they again await the setting sun



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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #283 #Customs and practices

Though the clocks have been put back one hour

I hope it will not affect adversely our

custom whereby we British pour

ourselves a cup of tea around four

on each weekday afternoon

often in the drawing room

although this demonstration of English taste

seems to have been rather displaced

such beverage would not be complete

without a tray of dainties to eat

and if you decided you would risk it

you could choose to dunk a biscuit


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #188

I took a drive out on Sunday last

passing places I used to know so well

then stopped and stared my mind aghast

remembered things I still could not tell

even though many years have passed

since I last went through those gates to hell

but now with chains and padlocks sealed

the stark gates looking forlorn and sad

and though they say that time will heal

I looked and actually felt quite glad

the message here could not be clearer

surely this is the end of a great era.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #257 #Isn’t nature wonderful

The glow worm is a quite

small bug that goes out at night

he has a luminous bum

to invite females to come

and check out the eerie green light.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #178 New twist on old theme

Humpty Dumpty one day took his bird

to somewhere quiet so as not to be heard

when they had finished what he wanted to do

he got up on the wall to admire the view

and the rest as they say, is history.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #176 Greenhouse tips and tricks

I’d like to impart to you something that I’ve learnt

if it’s a hot, sunny day your plants can get burnt

so leave the door open or perhaps a window instead

but make sure that you close it before you go to bed

for it sometimes gets very cold, especially through the night

and to find your precious plants all dead is not a pretty sight


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #253 #Friends for life

If I might take a little of your time

I will introduce you to some friends of mine

they may seem a little creepy to anyone new

but we all get funny after a year or two

sorry I forgot to tell you the price of a bed

they come free but to get in you have to be dead

and I’m afraid you can’t get a single room

it is always quite cosy in the catacomb.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #252 #Full circle

It’s Saturday and it’s time to see

what challenge Sammi Cox has for me,

I might purport to be the best

to try my hand at his test

then it’s published, so sit and wait

to see if any likes I make

then I think well it’s not

how many likes I got,

followers I hope to gain

so next week I try again.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #250 #Wordsearch

I will tell you a curious story

The point of it will soon become clear

Not sure if it’s true but this was told to me

So I will just pass on something quite queer

A young girl went riding on her family’s estate

Despite warnings she preferred to ride alone

Now begins the mystery as to her fate

Because on this occasion she didn’t return home

Her riderless pony was found wandering down the lane

And poor Miriam Anne Quinton was never seen again.

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Ronovan writes weekly #Decima prompt #97 #Doctors orders

Finally I am laid to rest

all my worldly cares forgotten

no more will I feel so rotten

as when the pain within my chest

convinced me that it may be best

if I booked in the surgery

my local doctor for to see

and told that I would have to wait

for they were not open till eight

by then it was too late for me.


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