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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #93 #Memories

Whilst stationed in the Hindu Kush

something that I can still recall

was every day before nightfall

over the mountains would come a hush

just the song of a single thrush

his liquid song like crystal clear

and all would pause the notes to hear

while every day his song we heard

we never saw the tuneful bird

something we all found rather queer

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #166 Spooky

Twixt bin and bench one day was found

a full three feet below the ground

some curious objects from history

giving rise to a local mystery

when asked how old no one seemed to know

but they were placed there long ago

now if you want to go and see’em

you’ll have to visit the county museum


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #241 Brevity is the key to success.

Being a writer who

used words like hullabaloo

realising that is a sin

I now use the word din


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #238 #Maybe superstition

I don’t think I’ve heard anything sillier

than the names of the so-called witches familiar

such names as Bodkin, Turncoat and Scat

now who on earth would believe that

but as we read about it the case unravels

that were brought by the man who on his travels

whose self-made credentials were quite ephemeral

Mathew Hopkins, known as The Witchfinder General

but those days are gone and I suppose

we should pray for those found guilty, now in repose


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #160

In all these challenges I have never

tried to do something really clever

but this week I’m going to be bold

for my new post I’ll show one that’s old


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #159 #Echoes of the past

As I walk along the sunken path

bordered both by fence and trees

my mind to calmer days is cast

when on most days there would be seen

men on horseback but more on foot

herding ponies, poultry, pigs or sheep

for this was once the road they took

down the valleys, over mountains steep

with dog and shout they drive them on

until at last their journey’s done.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #157

We thought we’d look for Robin Hood

so we jumped through the fence and into the wood

but of those men in Lincoln Green

neither hide nor hair was seen

but the walk certainly did us good.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #156 “A dog’s life”

I love to go out for a walk

with my master in the park

and if no other dogs we see

he often lets me off the lead

I run around and sometimes if

I find something I have a good sniff

but best of all there’s a lot of trees

and on every one I can have a pee


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #155

When we took a ride on the big wheel

I was hoping to cop a feel

but it didn’t take long for me to see

the earth below and its beauty

when I said this to my girlfriend

she said our relationship should end

for saying no to me was just a game

and things could never be the same

I must admit I was taken aback

and said give me the fare money back

she said you can go to hell

so I’m left frustrated and poor as well

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt challenge #81

I once knew a sailor called Jack

loved it when the ship’s sails unfurled

and off he’d sail around the world

never knowing when he would be back

trusting the Captain to plot the track

constantly hoping for a breeze

to carry them across the seas

seeing foreign harbour lights

with all their promise of delights

to cater for the sailors needs.

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