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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #286 #The joy of books

I went down to the library in Camden

their selection of books is outstanding

I met up with my very old friend Leopold

he was once a renowned bibliopole

now retired he still likes to keep his hand in



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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #257 #Isn’t nature wonderful

The glow worm is a quite

small bug that goes out at night

he has a luminous bum

to invite females to come

and check out the eerie green light.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #167 #Oui, je suis un rock star

I was in a band with a guy named Mick

my guitar riffs were oh so slick

but now even I’m too old my day is done

so I spend my time sitting in the sun

waiting for my next part in a pirate flick

Who am I?


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #244 #All in a day’s work

When asked about June twenty eighteen

I will always remember the scene

What I did was not being brave

Rescuing the boys who were trapped in that cave

The, “Wild Boars,” junior football team


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #157

We thought we’d look for Robin Hood

so we jumped through the fence and into the wood

but of those men in Lincoln Green

neither hide nor hair was seen

but the walk certainly did us good.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #231 #Miracle

There was a man possessed by a demon

he said his name was Legion

for we are many he whined

before being cast into the swine

and driven out of the region

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

The contestants in Paris to Dakar races

plan their routes on a most sensible basis

that if they are not able to carry any water

when planning their route they oughta

make certain that they can stop at an oasis.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #126

My lady’s name was primrose

she had such a beautiful snub nose

from where I would start kissing

making sure no part was missing

to the tips of her pretty pink toes

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