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I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #30

woods                                                                             Google image

Their whispers, conjure

unseen dwellers. in dark roots’

tangled canopy



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Ronovan’s weekly #Haiku challenge #264


Natural beauty

not overblown, considered,

Aphrodite’s charm



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Sue Vincent’s weekly challenge #writephoto #Aflame


After four hours of half-running, mainly stumbling, over the rough ground we allowed ourselves to rest. Karen placed her rucksack on one of the many granite rocks strewn over the hillside and started to rifle through it. Her fingers feverish, her gaze intense. The marks of recent tears etched on her soot and earth-stained cheeks. Occasionally she would look over to the West where the late evening sun had set the heavens aglow. It wasn’t the crimson streaked golden glow of the sun that worried us. It was the impetus given to the spectacle by the raging fires from which we were escaping. I wanted to put my arms around her, tell her everything was all right but we both knew it would be a lie. Everyone’s homes were in ruins, razed to the ground. Whole families erased or trapped helpless in the area of devastation. It was only by sheer luck we had managed to escape. We had seen no other persons in our flight; surmising on the possibility that we may ave been the only ones left. All we knew was that we had to keep on moving, get as far away as possible and then try to find if there were any more survivors of the catastrophic onslaught. But I only knew that if we didn’t rest now, take stock of the situation and plan our strategy there could be no tomorrow to hope for.




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Samiscribbles~Weekend Writing Prompt #116 – Amateur

The audience are seated, the theatre lights slowly start to dim.Up on the stage the curtains twitch. A single spotlight shines. An expectant hush settles throughout the auditorium. The curtains on the stage slowly open. The audience burst into loud applause at the sight before them. Another amateur dramatic production begins.


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MLMM’s heeding haiku with Chevrefeuille ~Shadows on the wall

The best horror films

will use, to build some tension,

light walls, dark shadows

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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 137 #SynonymsOnly

p-challenge-header (1)


Each variety

of animal, fish or plant

lost to extinction,

will by way of Nature move

mankind down the same sure path

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Thursday photo prompt: Clarity #writephoto


Air smelling of stars,

sea breeze playfully tempting

the shy smiling crabs

to scuttle over smooth sands

and bathe in a purple sea


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #37 Spoilsport @Limerick



A young girl from Glasgow called Jeanie

was struggling to unclip her bikini

when I offered to help

she let out a loud yelp

and said No, I think she’s a miserable meanie.


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Still hope for nature #tanka

Just a fleeting glimpse

from the corner of your eye

bat or dragonfly,

his heart longs for the former

but reason screams the latter

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #263 Good&Evil


Consider the good

feelings, gained from evil thoughts,

revenge seems so sweet.


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