Samiscribbles~Weekend Writing Prompt #116 – Amateur

The audience are seated, the theatre lights slowly start to dim.Up on the stage the curtains twitch. A single spotlight shines. An expectant hush settles throughout the auditorium. The curtains on the stage slowly open. The audience burst into loud applause at the sight before them. Another amateur dramatic production begins.


Filed under Flash fiction, Self compositions, T V nostalgia

13 responses to “Samiscribbles~Weekend Writing Prompt #116 – Amateur

  1. Oh, the memories you have drawn from me. Wow! And those AmDrams could draw more of a crowd than the top comedians. Or rather, the top comedians on their way down.

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  2. Excellent homage to community theater!


  3. You painted a wonderful picture.

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  4. This was wonderful, Bobby.


  5. I loved this! Totally channeled into my weekend plans and I’m hoping that’s not what I’m gonna get tomorrow lol

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