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Haiga heaven/ Damsel


damsel in this dress

in cool waters marinade

release your bouquet


Painting, Ophelia,  courtesy of Sir John Everett Millais




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Fantasy month

It appears that I may have been tagged , I didn’t feel anything, I was not standing in a corner with my face to the wall, eyes closed, counting to one hundred but this is progress. I’ve been advised to pass comment on what effect the , “Fantasy,” genre has had upon me. My artisty skills are pretty well under-developed or you would see before you a picture of a spinning globe to signify that it has been my whole world. It has influenced my taste in dress, art appreciation and without doubt, favoured relaxation reading. Having been brought up on mythology and tales of the Greek heroes it has forever been a part of my life. This post is my way of introducing you to someone whom you may not be aware was an inspiration to the considered master, J.R.R. Tolkien. I refer of course to William Morris, a true Romantic, with many facets of which, even you, dear readers may be unaware. His two stylish tales were probably the first I read that were not part of the school curriculum. Look them out if you have not yet sampled their delights. A joy to mankind.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘Church Going’

Being one of those who loves to sneak into old churches whenever I pass, Larkin has managed to capture my very thoughts in these crafted lines. Magnificent!

Interesting Literature

A reading of a classic Larkin poem

‘Church Going’ is one of Philip Larkin’s best-loved poems. It appeared in his second full collection of poetry, The Less Deceived (1955). In this post, we’d like to offer some notes towards an analysis of ‘Church Going’, which can be read here.

The title, ‘Church Going’, is not hyphenated, to allow for a secondary meaning to be glimpsed – or, in fact, a tertiary meaning, since ‘Church Going’ is itself already carrying a double meaning. It immediately suggests going to church as an act of worship, but Larkin is not a ‘church-goer’ in that sense: he visits the churches (something, he tells us, he ‘often’ does) for other reasons, and is not himself a believer or worshipper. But ‘Church Going’ also glimmers with another meaning: the idea that the church, as institution, is ‘going’ or fading from view. (Larkin’s titles often centre…

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Ronovan writes haiku #138

Syracuse using

Archimedes secret fire

Roman ships burning


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Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge #22

you hear mind the doors

the train is about to leave

if you are standing 

best brace yourself or you may

find gravity is no friend

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15 Quick Writing Tips !

Once Upon a Time....


Posted by Melissa Donovan on January 26, 2017 on Writing  

This list includes a mix of writing tips and some of the tips Melissa thinks are essential.  However, I believe that these are mostly for the beginner writer and can be used as a reminder for the more experienced writer.

  1. Read as much as you can (and make sure you read quality writing) and write every day — practice makes perfect.
  2. Acquire some resources: dictionary, thesaurus, style guide, grammar handbook, and books on writing.
  3. Join or start a writers’ group and get feedback on your
  4. Lower your expectations and allow yourself to write badly. It’s better to write crap than to write nothing at all.
  5. Feeling uninspired? Writer’s block is no excuse; find some writing prompts and exercises. Use them.
  6. Do you want to write a novel? Launch a blog? Submit your poetry? Set goals and then get…

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Twittering tales. #18 – 21 It’s show time 

I sat watching as the meteor shower continued overhead. If the ones I had been in contact with were coming, I knew it would be tonight.


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Ronovan writes #Haiku 137

As he cannot sweat

the pig lies down in the mud

to escape the heat


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Haiku. One word Friday 

Silently spreading

involuntary rictus

oscitant disease


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Colleen’s weekly Tanka challenge #21 The wreckers Prayer

Slowly, from the fog
a sailing ship approaches,
land ho is the cry.
Light my lamp to change their course
and put them into danger

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