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Little Blackbird

How many would notice if they didn’t hear the blackbird sing in the morning, all of us, this captures it magnificently.

Poet's Corner


The little blackbird is dead
No longer will I wake to the
cheerful song she sang
each morning from
the old oak tree outside
my bedroom window

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, April 17th 2019, voices of nature

Invisible wind,

gives voice, laughing or sighing,

shaking,  verdant leaves.

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Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #249


Skillfully changing

tone and pitch, inducing moods,

musician’s magic.


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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, April 10th 2019, new beginnings

As green shoots appear

in the springing of the year

Gaia is reborn

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#SOCS April 13/19 – lip


One of the best songs to come out of the Punk era was this classic from the, “Sex Pistols.” I refer of course to the seminal, “Lip child,” the first two lines I hereby reproduce as a great example of the genre, “Don’t you give me no lip child
Don’t you talk back to me.” To be found on, “The great rock and roll swindle,” and their greatest hits, it is well worth a listen if you would like to try to understand the excitement of the new, turning the views and attitudes of the music mainstream on it’s head in a most original way.


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A Brexit clerihew for the, “fed up with the whole thing brigade.”

When Theresa May

thought the price was too much to pay

she went to Brussels with tales of woe

but laughing, they told her where to go


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What do you See? April/09/2019


And God looked down from on high at the gathering below. She smiled in order to put them at their ease, for arrayed in a circle below was a representative from all the nations of the Earth. Chosen at random and summoned while in an enchanted state, none had a recollection of how they had come to be here or why they had been so chosen. God enfolded them in her arms and in soft tones began to speak. Speaking in tongues so that all the gathering were able to understand the message she imparted. To emphasise her imparted warning a loud rumbling began to emanate from the very bowels of the Earth and the earth opened giving all assembled a glimpse of the infernal future for the planet. A certainty if these messengers were unable to convince their fellow countrymen throughout the world of the necessity for change. God released the people from their spell to return and begin their work. It was now dependant upon the inhabitants of the planet if they wished to avoid the second great flood. A flood of fire of their own making.


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Colleen Chesebro’s Tuesday Tanka Challenge. Ending-Abyss

p-challenge-header (1)Nursed unto the death,

final act of devotion,

eyes gently closing,

only memories remain

in that void once filled with love.

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #248 Serene&Scene



Remaining serene

through each scene of life’s drama

Nirvana attained



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Weekend Writing Prompt – Silence #Tanka Strict order


Quite obviously,

removing Brother Michael’s

overactive tongue

guaranteed compliance with

the order’s vow of silence


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