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Samiscribbles weekend writing prompt #213

And so I am released from my Solar tethers. From this point the world is my oyster although in this case it should read either worlds or eventually galaxy. For I am Voyager two, a small but very significant part of mankind’s plan for an answer to the second most fundamental question. For forty-five years I have been exploring and reporting on the furthest reaches of our close solar system but now I am finally released from programmed paths and orbits. My debt is paid and my solo quest begins. Wish me luck.

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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt, challenge #60 #”The Man in the Iron Mask”

Concerned I may be thought a freak

the blacksmith set about the task

of constructing an iron mask

thus covering my deformed cheek

so that people would not just shriek

as my cruel mother had done

when she first saw her new born son

when the tearful midwife held me

up so my cold parents could see

their own tainted figure of fun.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #134

Home comes the sailor, home from the sea,

he stands on the foc’sle and what does he see

a crowd of happy faces standing on the quay

he thinks my wife’s among them waiting there for me

but he’s not too surprised for this is not to be

she’s run away with Jim who lived at number three.

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Ronovan writes Haiku weekly prompt #360

Strange sounds in the air

perhaps it’s a wisp of snipe

demons raise their guns

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #133 “Mummy knows what’s best.”

Mummy duck and baby duck

were going for a walk

suddenly from up above

they heard a loud squawk

quickly dear, said mummy duck

come in and get close to me

for if that big bird sees you

he will take you home for tea

but the silly little duckling

didn’t do what his mummy said

so the greedy seagull in the sky

swooped down and carried him off instead

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Ronovan writes #Haiku #359

The actor may mix

the lines the audience hear

artistic license


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

The trick or treaters getting weary

found our Uncle Fester cheery

even if he did look somewhat eerie

as smiling he said, “Hello dearie.”

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Ronovan writes #Haiku #358

Plunge your net downward

for the river runs rapid

still waters run deep

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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge #357

A natural high

that’s guaranteed to refresh

a breath of fresh air

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #131

I decided I would take a photo

of the old Minster’s rose window

for when the sun shines down through the glass

you can see Saint Maria’s ass

as she leads it along the main street

in order to find grass to eat

but although I am not one to complain

sadly the weather turned to rain

so we went home, my camera and me

for there was no Pepper’s Ghost to see

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