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Still hope for nature #tanka

Just a fleeting glimpse

from the corner of your eye

bat or dragonfly,

his heart longs for the former

but reason screams the latter

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #263 Good&Evil


Consider the good

feelings, gained from evil thoughts,

revenge seems so sweet.


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Celtic knot #Tanka

In spiral circles

no leader, no followers

all remain equal,

tracing each line with  finger

connection of the senses





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First Line Friday: July 19th, 2019


Picture from Bob Williams, Arx Cynuit

 They congregated up in the hills, far away from judging eyes.  This would be the last time that any of these people would see these Northern barbarians. Fight or die Cobanorum had said and they would follow this exhortation to the end. Far below  they could see the torches zigzagging up the heather-clad slope. The Norsemen had beached their boats at sunset and after making their usual offerings to their ineffective Gods had decided the auspices were right for an assault on the lonely village.

Toothless old men, young boys, women with babies at the breast, young girl, all were assembled at the call to repel this parasitic invader. Those who would take their women and children, mock their Christ, their priests, and without compassion, maim, disfigure and take the life of their brave fighting men.

Their weapons were the tools of the field but they had one advantage, they were fighting for their lives, their homes, all that was held dear. Death had no meaning, for life would never be the same if they were defeated. In their favour was the gift nature had bestowed upon them, the sheer sea cliff, the stone, turf-clad walls, built to protect them from this predicted onslaught. All they had to rely on was the knowledge and belief that their courage would be as strong as the mighty earthen banks built over time with the strength of theirs and their ancestor’s own arms.

The result of their struggle is well known and I am happy to tell you of their victory. Thus was the legend born we know as the battle of Arx Cynuit, the last attempt by the accursed Danes to subdue this island race.

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A pirate’s tale, though not so tall #seashanty #young-at-heart

Pablo the pirate

is home from the sea,

his left leg has a wooden stump

just below the knee,

ask him how he lost it

and he will tell to you,

a crocodile bit it off,

in the land of Umpaloo,

he would have had the other

but for him he was too clever,

he tied it up behind his back

making it difficult to see,

so that big green, nasty, greedy croc,

only got one leg for his tea.




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Friday Fibonacci, Crossing the lines

NVR (1)




for the shrill

blast on the whistle,

a warning to the unwary,

or a promise of release to the broken-hearted.

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Ten Word Photo Prompt: Choices

pexels-photopexels photo

“No wonder the tanning session was so cheap,” she thought.


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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 136 #Decadent

vintage-1149558_1280Sounds of jollity

carried on electric light,

pierce ivy shutters,

through twice glazed frames declaring

Neo-Georgian mockery



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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36


When over the bow
the great wave breaks,
rearing and plunging
the whole vessel shakes
the binnacle spins,
the helmsman takes
a firm grip on the wheel while
between decks the sailor makes
the sign of the cross
as for a lull in the storm
he patiently waits


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #262 Ripple &Wind.



Time and space ripple

as they wind their endless way,

ad infinitum.



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