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poverty stricken

but hoping to do their best

for their gifted child,

they sacrifice everything

for a prosperous future.



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#TMAT120 #writing #prompt for September 2018


For twenty years Snoopy was my constant companion, whether out walking or sitting on the couch. When my relationship broke down we had to move out. My new accommodation did not allow pets so I took my dog to stay with a good friend but lived many hours drive away. Snoopy seemed happy. She sent photos of her lying on her new bed in front of the fire and looking happy. I wasn’t able to get back to see her for four weeks and the two of us went for a slow walk before I again left. The next morning my friend called to say Snoopy had died in the night. Perhaps she could not bear me leaving her again.


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Sue Vincent’s #Thursday photo prompt: Watcher #writephoto


We look upon a mournful scene,

is it mist or just the sheen

of sadness in the eyes downcast.

With folded arms and child at breast

she realises that no more

on lapping wave her paramour,

will reappear on rising tide

but now departs for the last time,

her clifftop vigil will soon end as

arms outstretched she will descend.

No-one will mourn, nothing to keep

her from making this fateful leap.




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Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 98, “Sad & Write,” #SynonymsOnly

Although grief-stricken

he was able to compose

for consolation

a brief but meaningful ode

to treasure her memory


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K haiku

When I cross that bridge

a piece of my heart remains

but not memories


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Thursday photo prompt: Conflagration #writephoto


It was one of the saddest sights I had ever seen in my home county of Devon. For days we had watched the articulated lorries with trailrrs attached. Each one bigger than the trailers we had only witnessed before on the one train line in or out of the area. The papers were full of the stories of the outbreak but only now was the full scale of the disaster beginning to show itself.

Of course, everyday life had been changed, signs were up at all farm gates that led onto the narrow lanes with dire warnings of the danger within. Road blocks were everywhere restricting passage to all but bona fide government workers. No more ramblers enjoying the countryside. In the towns and villages, anywhere where cars and other motor vehicles were likely to congregate the entrances were strewn with straw and all around the pervasive smell of strong disinfectant.

Minibuses drove up the lanes following the heavy lorries. Through the windows, it was possible to see human figures. All dressed in the same white coveralls, reminiscent of the NBC suits we donned during exercises whilst in the forces, It was more like a scene from the Roswell or Area 51 movies. Behind these came the oil-tankers all in a convoy heading for the high ridges. Ridges where recently excavated trenches were now filled with the carcases of many thousands of newly shot farm animals, cattle and sheep piled up to the lip in their mass graves.

The hills resounded with the shouts of these eerie white figures as they lit the bonfires and stood admiring their sad handiwork while all in the land looked at the flames and the towering clouds of smoke. Nostrils filled with the acrid smell as of over-roasted beef and greasy smuts of soot blew wherever the wind carried them to land on car and house windows throughout the area.

By night the fires continued to burn. It was like looking up to the edge of some once-forgotten but now suddenly alive volcano. The gloom and sadness was all pervading and for once there was sympathy for the farmers on whom we had always poured such scorn. An attitude that perisits to this day. Even we felt sorry for the victims of the dread, “Foot and Mouth disease.”


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Ronovan writes #203 #Haiku~Home & Free



Blow gentle sea breeze,

free my heart from this torment

call my spirit home

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Ronovan writes #Haiku #200


The fire in your eyes

and the ire in your answer

showed love’s bonds broken

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Recapture innocence – tanka


Cast aside the veil

life has placed over your sight

of the simpler things

discover delight and awe

in the world that surrounds you


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #196 Shy&Sweet




The sweet memory

of our shy stolen kisses

lingers in my heart

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