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A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin’s ‘High Windows’

An illustration of why we revere his lines and metaphorically bow our heads before the Master

Interesting Literature

A reading of Larkin’s classic poem

‘High Windows’, the title poem of Philip Larkin’s fourth and final major poetry collection, is one of his most famous. The poem examines the new permissive society that flowered during the 1960s. Before proceeding to our analysis of ‘High Windows’, you can remind yourself of this poem (or discover it for the first time – a real treat) here.

Completed in February 1967, ‘High Windows’ was one of several poems which Larkin wrote around this time – during the so-called Summer of Love – which analyse the poet’s own middle-aged attitudes to the younger generation and the changing attitudes to sex. ‘Annus Mirabilis’ was written just a few months later, and ‘Sad Steps’, completed the following April, might also be partnered with ‘High Windows’ in this regard.

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Ronovan writes #134

She suffers the blows

that seem to please her husband

Silence shouts loudly

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A glimpse of the God
granted to her worshippers 
while her husband rests 

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…let there ALWAYS be libraries…

Matters close to the heart. Memories of childhood visits to the library rank highly in our, as we age, list of fondly-recalled thoughts. From the meanest small town library to the grandest major city edifice we should do all we can to preserve these National Treasures, the local library.

Seumas Gallacher



…by any stretch of the measurement of age, this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler is no longer a youth… I adulted around a-hem years ago… and having become in recent years an Author, I have more than a passing interest in the comparatively new debate as to whether books are better in print or on an eReader such as Auntie Amazon’s Kindlekindleand despite being part of the, (a-hem again), ‘older’generation, I have no negativity toward the modern downloaded reader versions of books… don’t mistake me – I still enjoy immensely the feel of a paper book in my hands, and even, yes, the smell of the paper and the gum paste thats binds the spine (emb’dy else remember ‘sniffing’ a new book?)… but times move on – the electronic age has become an imbedded part of our lives whether we embrace it or not –…

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Ronovan writes #133

The waters will flow

tear the heart from the mountain

sands of time are spawned

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Ronovan writes#132

A moth approaches,

with one light kiss to the flame

she will find heaven


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Ronovan writes #130

I turn, my surfboard 

spins then glides over the white 

turbulent water


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