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Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto, Change of Season



of light

illuminates one tree

and silhouettes in stark relief

the ravages of Autumn’s dessicating wind and warmth


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Ronovan writes #168 #Haiku

No more the sweet scent

of lavender and jasmine

Summer memories

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MLMM Elfje, Saturday mix #Lucky dip


beaten shields

A God’s gift

seen in Autumn leaves



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#Daily prompt Leaf Leaf

Their day is done
Chameleon leaves,
 red,yellow, brown,
spiralling down
 to carpet the ground
and muffle wild sounds
once  English greenwood fair
stark now the grey and bare,
limbs reaching heavenly
bereft of their canopy
call out for the sun
stand in supplication
withering, slumbering
till Spring comes calling

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