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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #165-The making of a masterpiece.

A voice called my name. It was my childhood friend Franz. He invited me up to his rather cramped artist’s studio. For a small fee he would do my portrait. I agreed and he retrieved a large board with a hole through which I should place my head. I could not stop laughing when I realised it would depict me dressed as a cavalier.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #116 Lead kindly light

The harbour’s lights are shining

to guide the sailors home

The lover’s hearts are pining

while sons and lovers roam.

Come the grey dawn the sun will rise

and winds blow from offshore,

the fleet will sail in on the tide,

safe in their homes once more.


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Ronovan writes #Weekly #Haiku #Challenge #342

Rough bark and branches

cannot save the seasoned heart

from the woodman’s axe.


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Ronovan writes #Weekly #Haiku prompt #341

As Jack Frost arrives
a wicked glint in his eyes
chilled beauty follows

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Samscribbles weekend writing prompt, “Bold favours the brave.”

The girl sitting in the window was curvaceous
but the price she required seemed audacious
I could imagine her act would be vivacious
my ideas for the evening quite salacious
and to haggle I would need to be tenacious
although her profession would make her rapacious
if I were lucky she might turn out to be gracious
surprised that I would try to be so boldacious
that my efforts would prove efficacious


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Ronovan writes #Decima challenge #41 A chilling voyage.

Through freezing wind and stinging hail

the deckhands in their jackets blue.

The Captain, mate and boatswain too

watch rain-lashed sailors fighting sails

as they dance in the Arctic gale.

Clouds clear as the night grows dimmer,

frost on canvas starts to shimmer

the ship now settles on her course

on passage to the frozen North,

following the pale moon’s glimmer.

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Ronovan writes #Decima weekly challenge #39 A tale of our times

I noticed how in stark contrast

to all I thought I ever knew

about the proper thing to do

when one finds they will soon be asked

to pin their colours to the mast

and openly declare intent

to stand up for the government

in firm belief our lives may change

after they introduce the range

of vaccines for our safety meant

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Crispina’s Creative Challenge #113

The tower stands in dark of night

guiding the sailor by its light

and when the shroud of fog comes down

ears are strained to the mournful sound

of the deep-throated siren’s blast

ensuring vessels may safely pass

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Ronovan writes #Haiku weekly challenge #339

A scientist’s child,

shocked, we watch their virus grow

world in harmony

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