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SoCS May 26/18 “grill”


The small brown clock on the mantelpiece chimed seven. Julie  looked up and smiled. It was time. Having finished her meal she was ready for her visit to the inmates. All of whom by now would have finished their meal and would be doing a bit of exercise before they were locked in their cells for the night.  She checked her clothing once more, it would not do to get caught adjusting her dress whilst out on the street. She walked down the stairs and with a happy feeling walked down the road to her destination. It was not yet dusk and although turning cold she was warmed by the glow of expectation. She turned the corner and stared up at the forbidding, dirty, red-brick  walls. She knew the scene well and made her way along the pavement till she came to the black-painted iron grill. Looking  up and down she reassured herself that the road was empty, knowing that eventually the story would be told and her enjoyment would be at an end. Smiling she raised her skirt and felt the cool breeze on her thighs and uncovered posterior. She stood over the grill knowing that underneath, amidst the jostling and pushing, staring up at her, there would be many pairs of eyes, hands expectantly raised waiting for their nightly ritual. She laughed as she heard the low moans and whispered exultations from below. “Now, now boys, don’t be naughty, ” she shouted down and proceeded to do a twirl. The feeling of power almost intoxicating.  She even thought of urinating through the bars to make her humiliation of the horde below complete

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