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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #166 Spooky

Twixt bin and bench one day was found

a full three feet below the ground

some curious objects from history

giving rise to a local mystery

when asked how old no one seemed to know

but they were placed there long ago

now if you want to go and see’em

you’ll have to visit the county museum


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #160

In all these challenges I have never

tried to do something really clever

but this week I’m going to be bold

for my new post I’ll show one that’s old


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #156 “A dog’s life”

I love to go out for a walk

with my master in the park

and if no other dogs we see

he often lets me off the lead

I run around and sometimes if

I find something I have a good sniff

but best of all there’s a lot of trees

and on every one I can have a pee


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #155

When we took a ride on the big wheel

I was hoping to cop a feel

but it didn’t take long for me to see

the earth below and its beauty

when I said this to my girlfriend

she said our relationship should end

for saying no to me was just a game

and things could never be the same

I must admit I was taken aback

and said give me the fare money back

she said you can go to hell

so I’m left frustrated and poor as well

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #148

with pennants flying proudly

see how tall they stand

not quite in the water

nor fully on the land

standing straight-backed in the sun

like a regimental band.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #147

Take a look at this lovely pony

it’s obvious he is feeling lonely

he knows if he squeezed through the fence

he’d be able to meet new friends

but for now he will just stand and sigh

as he sadly watches each passer-by

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #143

Whilst on a trip down to the Weald

I went for a walk through the fields

The air smelt fresh, I soon saw why

On the hill was a huge pig sty

I have no qualms about pig-shit

Just glad I didn’t walk through it

Then a story came to my mind

The tale of the Gadarene swine

And the farmers in this region

Wouldn’t like it if I were Legion

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #141 “A poor boy whose story’s often told”

Here’s the story of Nathaniel Quinn

he never did learn how to swim

one day at the lakeside he fell in

and though everyone was looking for him

they never did find poor Nathaniel Quinn


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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #61 Reflecting upon the loss of a character.

Today we all are wearing black

sporadic laughter, shoulders shake

no sombre silence shades the wake

as all reflect upon old Jack

now at the end of life’s long track

sad member of the widowed club

chose as his second wife the pub

so I think we should raise a toast

to one who did so more than most

and in the act was prone to blub.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #134

Home comes the sailor, home from the sea,

he stands on the foc’sle and what does he see

a crowd of happy faces standing on the quay

he thinks my wife’s among them waiting there for me

but he’s not too surprised for this is not to be

she’s run away with Jim who lived at number three.

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