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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #152

It was time to spend more time at sea

with a tear she vowed to wait for me

but only after the second letter

she told me she’d found someone better

I suppose really I should have known

the love of my life had a heart of stone


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #225

In many houses throughout this land

whether they may be poor or grand

is practised with each new day a ritual

that would now be seen as habitual

as while you are sitting quite alone

you could just as easily grab the phone

yet over breakfast in the morning

or often as the day is dawning

sometimes even while still in bed

the daily newspaper will be read

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #61 Reflecting upon the loss of a character.

Today we all are wearing black

sporadic laughter, shoulders shake

no sombre silence shades the wake

as all reflect upon old Jack

now at the end of life’s long track

sad member of the widowed club

chose as his second wife the pub

so I think we should raise a toast

to one who did so more than most

and in the act was prone to blub.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #134

Home comes the sailor, home from the sea,

he stands on the foc’sle and what does he see

a crowd of happy faces standing on the quay

he thinks my wife’s among them waiting there for me

but he’s not too surprised for this is not to be

she’s run away with Jim who lived at number three.

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Ronovan writes Haiku weekly prompt #360

Strange sounds in the air

perhaps it’s a wisp of snipe

demons raise their guns

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